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Highest-rated items:
1:The Collection: Season 12  The Collection Blu-ray box sets 9.7
2:The Lost TV Episodes: Collection One  Lost TV Episodes audio box sets 9.5
3:Wiped!  Miscellaneous factual books 9.5
4:Lost in Time  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.4
5:The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Box Set  The Lost Stories audio dramas 9.4
6:The War Games  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.4
7:The Invasion  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
8:City of Death  BBC classic series videos 9.3
9:The Talons of Weng-Chiang  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
10:The Dæmons  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
11:Doctor Who and the Dæmons  Target novelisations 9.3
12:The Witch Hunters  BBC Past Doctor novels 9.3
13:The Mind of Evil  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
14:The Enemy of the World  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.2
15:The Evil of the Daleks  Target novelisations 9.2
16:The Reign of Terror  Target novelisations 9.2
17:The Cybermen Collection  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.2
18:The Web of Fear  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.2
19:Spare Parts  Big Finish: The Monthly Adventures 9.2
20:The Invasion  TV episode audio soundtracks 9.2
Lowest-rated items:
1:Divided Loyalties  BBC Past Doctor novels 2.8
2:The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel  Miscellaneous factual books 3.5
3:Time and the Rani  BBC classic series videos 3.6
4:The Horns of Nimon  BBC classic series videos 3.7
5:Timelash  BBC classic series videos 3.7
6:Heart of TARDIS  BBC Past Doctor novels 3.7
7:Silver Nemesis  Target novelisations 3.7
8:The Twin Dilemma  BBC classic series videos 3.8
9:Time and the Rani  Target novelisations 3.9
10:Dragonfire  BBC classic series videos 4
11:Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara  Target novelisations 4
12:So You Think You Know Dr Who?  Miscellaneous factual books 4
13:Beltempest  BBC Eighth Doctor novels 4
14:Scaredy Cat  Big Finish: The Monthly Adventures 4
15:Invasion of the Cat-People  Missing Adventures novels 4
16:The Krotons  Target novelisations 4
17:Speed of Flight  Missing Adventures novels 4
18:Time's Champion  Miscellaneous original novels 4
19:Oblivion  New Adventures novels 4.1
20:Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy  Target novelisations 4.1

Unrated items:
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The Evil of the Daleks
BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays  (Vote here)
 Time Lord Victorious: Defender of the Daleks
Titan graphic novels  (Vote here)
The Grey Man of the Mountain
Big Finish: The Monthly Adventures  (Vote here)
Miscellaneous audio dramas  (Vote here)
One Mile Down
Tenth Doctor Adventures audios  (Vote here)
 No Place
Tenth Doctor Adventures audios  (Vote here)
Memories of a Tyrant
Big Finish: The Monthly Adventures  (Vote here)
 Dr Who and the Ice Men from Mars
Obverse Books unofficial novelisations  (Vote here)
The Tenth Planet Invades the Moonbase
Obverse Books unofficial novelisations  (Vote here)
 Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD
Obverse Books unofficial novelisations  (Vote here)

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