Original novels

Original Doctor Who fiction novels and novellas, i.e. not based on TV episodes.

Prior to the 1990s, only a handful of such books existed (the bulk of Who fiction being TV novelisations) but starting with the launch of the New Adventures in 1991 — coupled with the lack of new TV stories to novelise in the 1990s — original novels expanded vastly in number and remain so today.


Original novels listed by range:

BBC New Series Adventures novels
A range of tie-in novels to accompany the new Doctor Who TV series, currently starring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor.

BBC prestige novels
BBC Books currently publish 1-2 standalone hardback novels every year, featuring a selection of Doctors past and present.

BBC Eighth Doctor novels
Fron 1997 to 2005, this range of original novels followed the adventures of Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor after the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie.

BBC Past Doctor novels
Between 1997 and 2005, the BBC also published a regular series of “past Doctor” novels, featuring all-new non-televised adventures of the first 7 Doctors.

New Adventures novels
Virgin’s groundbreaking and much-missed series of non-televised novels, published in the 1990s and starring (mostly) the Seventh Doctor.

Missing Adventures novels
Just as the BBC subsequently published original “past Doctor” novels (see above), Virgin were the first to do so in the Missing Adventures, which appeared monthly between 1994 and 1997.

Telos novellas
A series of officially-licenced Doctor Who novellas (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) published between 2001 and 2004.

Literary crossover novels
This new range of novels mashes up Doctor Who with classic literary works such as The Wizard of Oz and Treasure Island.

The Monster Collection novel reprints
A series of 8 reprinted novels, published in 2014 and each featuring one of the Doctor’s classic enemies.

2-in-1 Eleventh Doctor novels
In 2011 and 2012, BBC Books published a standalone range of half-a-dozen Eleventh Doctor books, each containing two short novels aimed at younger readers.

Quick Reads books
A series of short Doctor Who paperback novels, published once a year between 2006 and 2013 as part of the Quick Reads literacy initiative.

The Darksmith Legacy books
A 2009 series of ten linked mini-novels featuring the Tenth Doctor.

The Companions of Doctor Who novels
A trio of Doctor-less novels published by Target in the mid-1980s, featuring adventures of the Doctor’s travelling companions after their time in the TARDIS.

The Missing Episodes novelisations
A trio of novelisations of Doctor Who TV stories which were never produced because of the infamous “hiatus” in 1985, when the show was temporarily cancelled.

BBC novel collections
Omnibus volumes & box set collections of previously-published BBC Books Doctor Who novels.

Torchwood novels
A series of novels based on the BBC’s popular Doctor Who spin-off TV series Torchwood.

Class novels
A trio of novels based on Doctor Who’s short-lived young-adult TV spin-off Class.

Lethbridge-Stewart novels
A range of original novels featuring the long-running and much-loved Doctor Who character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

The Lucy Wilson Mysteries books
A series of books aimed at younger readers, spun off from the Lethbridge-Stewart book series and featuring the Brigadier’s granddaughter.

Travers & Wells novels
A new series of novels spun off from the Lethbridge-Stewart range, featuring the Doctor Who character Professor Travers teaming up with author H.G. Wells.

The Adventures of K9
A series of 4 mini-novels aimed at younger readers from the early 1980s, featuring everyone’s favourite robot dog K9.

Bernice Summerfield novels
Bernice, an ex-companion of the Doctor’s from the New Adventures (see above) now stars in a semi-regular range of novels published by Big Finish.

Faction Paradox novels
A series of books starring the “time-travelling voodoo cult” from Lawrence Miles’s Doctor Who novels.

Iris Wildthyme novels
A handful of novels featuring the eccentric Time Lady.

Erimem books
A series of books featuring the character of Erimem, audio travelling companion of the Fifth Doctor.

Time Hunter novellas
A range of Doctor Who spin-off novellas which ran from 2003-2007, featuring a pair of time-travelling “fixers”.

Miscellaneous original novels
Original novels which don't belong in any of the above ranges.

Books listed by category:

Activity books
Colouring books, diaries, sticker books, cookbooks, role-playing games, and any other type of book designed for an activity other than reading.

These slim hardback books containing a mixture of fact and fiction have been a staple of British childrens’ Christmas stockings for decades.

Biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of well-known Doctor Who cast and crew.

Factual books
Non-fiction books about Doctor Who, ranging from behind-the-scenes production information, histories of the programme, media studies books, etc. etc.

Graphic novels
A selection of original graphic novels and collections of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips republished in book form.

A wide selection of books giving a humorous slant on Doctor Who, and also a selection of unofficial comedic parodies.

Original novels
Original Doctor Who fiction novels and novellas, i.e. not based on TV episodes.

TV novelisations
Adaptations of Doctor Who TV episodes in book form.

Script books
A selection of books containing the original scripts from Doctor Who TV stories and audio dramas.

Short stories
Anthologies of short stories and short fiction related (directly or indirectly) to Doctor Who.

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Listing 14 editions:

(Book)Iris Wildthyme and the Hugh Mann Factor
View more details for Iris Wildthyme and the Hugh Mann Factor
Range:Iris Wildthyme novels
Released:March 2023 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Ian Potter

(Book)Erimem: The Chronicles of Mars - A Pharaoh of Mars
View more details for Erimem: The Chronicles of Mars - A Pharaoh of Mars
Range:Erimem books
Released:March 2023 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Jim Mortimore

Thebes Publishing
(Book)Lethbridge-Stewart: The United Nations
View more details for Lethbridge-Stewart: The United Nations
Range:Lethbridge-Stewart novels
Released:April 2023 (Date unconfirmed)
By:John Peel

(Book)Lethbridge-Stewart: Intelligence Taskforce
View more details for Lethbridge-Stewart: Intelligence Taskforce
Range:Lethbridge-Stewart novels
Released:June 2023 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Jonathan Blum

(Book)Erimem: Sacrifice
View more details for Erimem: Sacrifice
Range:Erimem books
Released:June 2023 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Beth Jones

(Book)Rebellion on Treasure Island
View more details for Rebellion on Treasure Island
Range:Literary crossover novels
Released:27 July 2023
By:Bali Rai

(Book)Iris Wildthyme and the Vampire Mutations
View more details for Iris Wildthyme and the Vampire Mutations
Range:Iris Wildthyme novels
Released:July 2023 (Date unconfirmed)
By:James Bojaciuk

(Book)Josephine and the Argonauts
View more details for Josephine and the Argonauts
Range:Literary crossover novels
Released:24 August 2023
By:Paul Magrs

Other Forthcoming Releases:
Erimem: The Chronicles of Mars - Goddess of MarsErimem booksJim MortimoreSeptember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
Iris Wildthyme and the Mermaid MenaceIris Wildthyme novelsSelina LockDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
Erimem: AbsolutionErimem booksRachel BlakeDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
Birds of Prey: A Counter Measures NovelMiscellaneous original novelsUnknownDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
Erimem: The Chronicles of Mars - Legions of MarsErimem booksJim MortimoreJune 2024 (Date unconfirmed) 
Доктор Кто. Прикосновение ангелаBBC New Series Adventures novelsJonathan MorrisDecember 2024 (Date unconfirmed) 

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