Audio interviews & documentaries

A variety of interviews with Doctor Who stars have been released on cassette or CD over the years — both “straight” interviews with actors, and more recently, alternative DVD commentaries with groups of cast and crew, released on CD.


Audio interviews & documentaries listed by range:

Doctor Who at the BBC audio documentaries
A series of audio releases which collect together a wide assortment of Doctor Who-related material from the BBC archives.

WhoTalk commentary CDs
A range of CDs containing alternative audio commentaries for Doctor Who DVDs.

Big Finish Talks Back
A short-lived series of audio interviews and readings by Big Finish, featuring a selection of Doctor Who actors and authors.

Talks with David Banks
A trilogy of audio interviews between David Banks and actors who have played the Doctor.

Miscellaneous audio interviews & documentaries
Audio interviews & documentaries which don't belong in any of the above ranges.

Audio listed by category:

Audio readings usually involving a single actor reading a previously-published book, although in recent years there are “non-book” readings too.

Audio dramas
Full-cast audio drama, featuring multiple cast members and usually written specially for the audio medium.

Audio interviews & documentaries
Interviews with actors and writers, documentaries about Doctor Who, alternative DVD audio commentaries and more.

Music & sound effects
A wide selection of music or sound effects CDs, cassettes, LPs and singles either taken directly from the series, or inspired by it.

TV audio soundtracks
Audio recordings of Doctor Who TV episodes.

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