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Over the past few decades, Doctor Who has had a vast array of non-fiction and otherwise “factual” books released. These fall into two broad categories:

  • ”Real world” factual books — non-fiction in the literal sense, these include histories of the programme, behind-the-scenes production information, media studies books, etc. etc.
  • ”Fictional universe” factual books — i.e. books set inside the Doctor Who universe but which act as reference books for those fictional worlds — these would include books that outline the history of the Time Lords, the Daleks, etc.

Factual books listed by range:

The Black Archive books
A series of book-length dissections of individual Doctor Who stories.

About Time
A series of reference books describing themselves as “the unauthorized & ambitiously definitive guide to Who".

Telos new series guides
British publisher Telos have published a series of season-by-season guides covering the entirety of the new Doctor Who series during the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor eras.

The Handbook
A series of 7 highly-esteemed reference books produced in the 1990s, covering each one of the classic series Doctors’ eras in depth.

The Doctor Who Programme Guide books
Indispensable for many Who fans in the 1980s and beyond — Jean-Marc Lofficier’s series of episode guides to Doctor Who.

Howe/Stammers/Walker Decade books
A trilogy of highly-acclaimed books from the 1990s by David J. Howe, Mark Stammers and Stephen James Walker, each of which covers one decade of classic Doctor Who in depth.

Doctor Who Discovers books
A series of 5 factual books for children published by Target Books in the late 1970s.

The Doctor Who Chronicles
A series of 6 books published between 1998 and 2002, each one containing a detailed episode-by-episode guide to the Hartnell and Troughton eras of the programme.

Doctor Who Production Guide books
A trilogy of in-depth reference works produced by the Doctor Who Appreciation Society in the late 1990s.

Doctor Who Files books
A series of 14 hardback books, each containing a biography of a well-known Doctor Who character or villain.

Encyclopedia of the Worlds of Doctor Who
An alphabetical guidebook to the characters, aliens and worlds of Doctor Who, published between 1987 and 1990.

Top Trumps books
Although named after the popular Top Trumps card game, this trilogy of books from 2006-2008 is actually a guide to the first four seasons of the new Doctor Who series, aimed at younger readers.

Files Magazines
A series of factual paperback books published in the US during the 1980s.

Talkback interview books
A trio of books containing interviews with various Doctor Who classic series cast and crew.

TARDIS Eruditorum books
A series of critical deconstructions of Doctor Who, adapted from the popular blog of the same name.

You and Who books
Anthologies of real-life stories and anecdotes written by Doctor Who fans, describing how and why they became fans of the programme in the first place.

Howe's Transcendental Toybox books
A series of comprehensive guides to all Doctor Who merchandise ever released, from 1963 to 2009.

Steven Moffat's Doctor Who
A series of 4 books analysing the production of the Steven Moffat era of the show (both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors).

I, Who books
A trilogy of books between 1999 and 2003 describing themselves as “The Unauthorized Guide to Doctor Who Novels and Audios”.

Outside In books
An occasional series of books from ATB Publishing, featuring an array of writers offering fresh and unusual perspectives on Doctor Who stories.

Running Through Corridors
Subtitled “Rob & Toby’s marathon watch of Doctor Who”, a series of books documenting the experience of Robert Shearman & Toby Hadoke as they sat though every Who episode from 1963 to 2010.

Time Unincorporated books
Subtitled “The Doctor Who Fanzine Archives”, this trilogy of books from 2009-2011 reprints a selection of material from the anarchic world of Doctor Who fan-produced magazines.

Time's Mosaic books
This ongoing series of books documents an epic journey through the Whoniverse, as the author sets out to review every single Doctor Who story in every single format.

The Neowhovian Experience books
A trilogy of books collecting posts from the Confessions of a Neowhovian blog, where an American fan describes her experience of watching Doctor Who for the first time.

Twitter Who books
A series of books collecting Tweet-length reviews of each classic Doctor Who story.

Miscellaneous factual books
Miscellaneous factual & reference books which don’t belong in any other ranges.

Books listed by category:

Activity books
Colouring books, diaries, sticker books, cookbooks, role-playing games, and any other type of book designed for an activity other than reading.

These slim hardback books containing a mixture of fact and fiction have been a staple of British childrens’ Christmas stockings for decades.

Biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of well-known Doctor Who cast and crew.

Factual books
Non-fiction books about Doctor Who, ranging from behind-the-scenes production information, histories of the programme, media studies books, etc. etc.

Graphic novels
A selection of original graphic novels and collections of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips republished in book form.

A wide selection of books giving a humorous slant on Doctor Who, and also a selection of unofficial comedic parodies.

Original novels
Original Doctor Who fiction novels and novellas, i.e. not based on TV episodes.

TV novelisations
Adaptations of Doctor Who TV episodes in book form.

Script books
A selection of books containing the original scripts from Doctor Who TV stories and audio dramas.

Short stories
Anthologies of short stories and short fiction related (directly or indirectly) to Doctor Who.

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Listing 28 editions:

(Book)The Black Archive #57: Vincent and the Doctor
View more details for The Black Archive #57: Vincent and the Doctor
Range:The Black Archive books
Released:1 February 2022
By:Paul Driscoll

(Book)Who's Playing Who?
View more details for Who's Playing Who?
Range:Miscellaneous factual books
Released:March 2022 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Barnaby Eaton-Jones

ChinBeard Books
(Book)The Invisible Artist
View more details for The Invisible Artist
Range:Miscellaneous factual books
Released:March 2022 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Jeff Cummins

Candy Jar Books
(Book)The Invisible Artist
View more details for The Invisible Artist
Range:Miscellaneous factual books
Released:March 2022 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Jeff Cummins

Candy Jar Books
(Book)The Black Archive #58: Kill The Moon
View more details for The Black Archive #58: Kill The Moon
Range:The Black Archive books
Released:1 April 2022
By:Darren Mooney

(Book)What the Fans Think: The Sarah Jane Adventures
View more details for What the Fans Think: The Sarah Jane Adventures
Range:Miscellaneous factual books
Released:April 2022 (Date unconfirmed)

(Book)The Black Archive #59: The Sun Makers
View more details for The Black Archive #59: The Sun Makers
Range:The Black Archive books
Released:1 June 2022
By:Lewis Baston

(Book)Bookwyrm Volume 2: The Eighth Doctor Adventures 1997-2005
View more details for Bookwyrm Volume 2: The Eighth Doctor Adventures 1997-2005
Range:Miscellaneous factual books
Released:June 2022 (Date unconfirmed)
By:Anthony Wilson & Stacey Smith?

Other Forthcoming Releases:
Timeslides: The Doctor Who Artwork of Colin HowardMiscellaneous factual booksColin HowardJune 2022 (Date unconfirmed) 
A Short History of Everyone: The Ultimate Guide to Monsters, Humans and Time LordsMiscellaneous factual booksUnknownJuly 2022 
The John Nathan-Turner Production Diary 1979-1990Miscellaneous factual booksRichard MolesworthJuly 2022 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Black Archive #60: Mawdryn UndeadThe Black Archive booksKara DennisonAugust 2022 
The Black Archive #61: Paradise TowersThe Black Archive booksJohn ToonOctober 2022 
A World of Demons: The Villains of Doctor WhoMiscellaneous factual booksDavid Bushman & Barnaby Edwards (ed.)November 2022 
Outside In Regenerates: 160 New New Perspectives on 160 Classic Doctor Who Stories by 160 WritersOutside In booksStacey Smith? (ed.)November 2022 
The Black Archive #62: KindaThe Black Archive booksFrank CollinsDecember 2022 
About Time 4: 1975-1979About TimeLawrence Miles & Tat WoodDecember 2022 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Comic Strip Companion 2 - The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who in Comics: 1979 - 1990Miscellaneous factual booksPaul ScoonesDecember 2022 (Date unconfirmed) 
Across Space and Time: An Unofficial Doctor Who CompanionMiscellaneous factual booksTony CrossDecember 2022 (Date unconfirmed) 
Back to the Eleventh Hour: Revisiting the Matt Smith YearsMiscellaneous factual booksChrista MactíreJune 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Trip of a Lifetime: The Making of Modern Doctor WhoMiscellaneous factual booksEdward RussellNovember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Black Archive: The Pirate PlanetThe Black Archive booksLance ParkinDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Black Archive: The Twin DilemmaThe Black Archive booksGordon RidoutDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Black Archive: The Unquiet DeadThe Black Archive booksErin HorákováDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
The Black Archive: The Tenth PlanetThe Black Archive booksMichael SeelyDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
Running Through Corridors: Volume 3 - The 80sRunning Through CorridorsToby Hadoke & Robert ShearmanDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
The 500 Year Diary: Volume Two (1973-1983)Miscellaneous factual booksPaul CastleDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 

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