Short stories

Dozens of anthologies have been published over the years containing short stories relating to Doctor Who, directly or indirectly (the latter including spinoff characters like Bernice Summerfield or Iris Wildthyme).


Short stories listed by range:

Short Trips short story collections
A long-running range of over 30 Doctor Who short story collections.

Decalog short story collections
In the 1990s, Virgin Books published a series of 5 Doctor Who-themed short story collections.

Lethbridge-Stewart short stories
An assortment of short story anthologies featuring the long-running and much-loved Doctor Who character Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

Bernice Summerfield short stories
Short story collections featuring the exploits of Bernice "Benny" Summerfield, hard-drinking, wise-cracking archaeologist and sometime companion to the Seventh Doctor.

Iris Wildthyme short story collections
Books featuring the eccentric Time Lady and intergalactic adventuress, Iris Wildthyme.

Faction Paradox short stories
Short story collections featuring the "time-travelling voodoo cult" from BBC Books' Eighth Doctor novels.

Tales of the City
A range of Faction Paradox spin-off short story anthologies set in the fictional City of the Saved.

Miscellaneous short stories
Short stories which don't belong in any of the above ranges.

Books listed by category:

Activity books
Colouring books, diaries, sticker books, cookbooks, role-playing games, and any other type of book designed for an activity other than reading.

These slim hardback books containing a mixture of fact and fiction have been a staple of British childrens' Christmas stockings for decades.

Biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of well-known Doctor Who cast and crew.

Factual books
Non-fiction books about Doctor Who, ranging from behind-the-scenes production information, histories of the programme, media studies books, etc. etc.

Graphic novels
A selection of original graphic novels and collections of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips republished in book form.

A wide selection of books giving a humorous slant on Doctor Who, and also a selection of unofficial comedic parodies.

Original novels
Original Doctor Who fiction novels and novellas, i.e. not based on TV episodes.

TV novelisations
Adaptations of Doctor Who TV episodes in book form.

Script books
A selection of books containing the original scripts from Doctor Who TV stories and audio dramas.

Short stories
Anthologies of short stories and short fiction related (directly or indirectly) to Doctor Who.

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Listing 5 editions:

(Book)Forgotten Lives
View more details for Forgotten Lives
Range:Miscellaneous short stories
Released:14 January 2021

Obverse Books
(Book)Bafflement & Devotion: Iris at the Edges
View more details for Bafflement & Devotion:
Range:Iris Wildthyme short story collections
Released:January 2021 (Date unconfirmed)

Obverse Books
(Book)Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter
View more details for Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter
Range:Miscellaneous short stories
Released:February 2021 (Date unconfirmed)

(Book)Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files - Five
View more details for Lethbridge-Stewart: The HAVOC Files - Five
Range:Lethbridge-Stewart short stories
Released:March 2021 (Date unconfirmed)

(Book)P.R.O.B.E: Out of the Shadows
View more details for P.R.O.B.E: Out of the Shadows
Range:Miscellaneous short stories
Released:June 2021 (Date unconfirmed)
By:James Hornby & Genevieve Clovis (ed.)


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