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The TARDIS Library is the Internet's most comprehensive listing of all Doctor Who-related books, videos and audios ever released. The list of videos & audios includes all major formats such as DVDs, VHS videos, CDs, cassettes and vinyl LPs/singles — also "niche" formats such as Blu-ray, Laserdisc, UMD and MP3-CD.

This site lists a total of 4,755 Doctor Who items: 2,178 books, 792 videos / DVDs, and 1,785 audios.

If you count each edition separately (hardback vs. paperback, UK vs. US DVD release, etc), that number grows to 8,255 editions: 3,678 books, 2,524 videos / DVDs, and 2,053 audios.

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Site trivia

Site users have contributed a total of 65,940 votes (an average of 13.9 per item) and 4,001 reviews.

Most votes: The Caves of Androzani (359 votes)
Most reviews: The Clockwise Man (20 reviews)

Highest-rated items:
1The Collection: Season 12  The Collection Blu-ray box sets 9.7
2The Lost TV Episodes: Collection One  Lost TV Episodes audio box sets 9.5
3Wiped!  Miscellaneous factual books 9.5
4Lost in Time  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.4
5The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor Box Set  The Lost Stories audio dramas 9.4
6The War Games  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.4
7The Invasion  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
8City of Death  BBC classic series videos 9.3
9The Talons of Weng-Chiang  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
10The Dæmons  BBC classic series DVDs/Blu-rays 9.3
Lowest-rated items:
1:Divided Loyalties  BBC Past Doctor novels 2.8
2:The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel  Miscellaneous factual books 3.5
3:Time and the Rani  BBC classic series videos 3.6
4:The Horns of Nimon  BBC classic series videos 3.7
5:Timelash  BBC classic series videos 3.7
6:Heart of TARDIS  BBC Past Doctor novels 3.7
7:Silver Nemesis  Target novelisations 3.7
8:The Twin Dilemma  BBC classic series videos 3.8
9:Time and the Rani  Target novelisations 3.9
10:Dragonfire  BBC classic series videos 4

The above tables only show items with 10 votes or more, to display only "reliable" results. Visit the ratings page to view longer lists of most and least popular items.

Site history

This site was originally created in 1995 as The Doctor Who Books Page by Richard Atkinson. Dan O'Malley (that's me) took it over in 1996 and has run it ever since, changing the name to The TARDIS Library in 1998, at the same time creating The TARDIS Video Library as a separate site (including details of audio dramas). The two sites were merged in 2001.

Comments and feedback about the site are always welcome - please feel free to email me at: Email address hidden to deter spammers

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