This category contains Doctor Who audio readings and audiobooks — which, as the name suggests, are usually readings of previously-published books. That used to be exclusively the case, but not any more — in recent years there have been increasing numbers of “non-book” readings, which outwardly have all the trappings of an audiobook (a single performer “reading” the story), but weren’t actually adapted from books.

(Note: full-cast audio dramas are not listed here — you’ll find them in the audio drama category instead)

The very first Doctor Who audiobook was a cassette-only reading of the State of Decay novelisation in 1981, which remained a one-off for several years. Sporadic releases in the 1990s followed, but the real boost came after the launch of the revived Doctor Who series in 2005. Readings of the tie-in new series novels began to be released in 2006 — then, the following year BBC Audio began regularly releasing classic series Target novelisation readings on CD.


Audiobooks listed by range:

BBC new series audiobooks
Audio readings of the BBC’s popular range of new series Doctor Who novels.

New series audio originals
Original audio readings from BBC Audio featuring the adventures of the Ninth to Thirteenth Doctors.

New Target audio readings
Audio readings of the “New Target” series of new series novelisations.

Classic series audio originals
Since 2018, BBC Audio have started to produce a regular series of original audio readings featuring classic Doctors.

Target novelisation readings
BBC Audio currently release a monthly series of unabridged audiobook readings of classic Doctor Who TV novelisations published by Target Books in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Beyond the Doctor audio readings
A new series of original audio readings covering the adventures of Doctor Who companions after their time with the Doctor.

BBC classic Doctor novel readings
In the last several years, BBC Audio have sporadically produced audiobook readings of assorted original Doctor Who novels, most of which were books published by BBC Books between the late 90s and the present day.

Audio annuals
Readings of short stories originally featured in World Distributors’ fondly-remembered Doctor Who annuals of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

The Companion Chronicles audiobooks
Series of talking books featuring original adventures for the classic series Doctors as “read” by one of their companions.

The Doctor Chronicles audios
A series of narrated audio stories from Big Finish, featuring original adventures for the new series Doctors.

Destiny of the Doctor audios
A series of 11 original audio readings (one for each Doctor), released in 2013 to commemorate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

Short Trips audio readings
A handful of Doctor Who short story readings released on audio.

Torchwood audiobooks
A mixture of full-cast audio dramas and audiobooks based on the popular Doctor Who spin-off TV series.

The Sarah Jane Adventures audiobooks
A series of audio readings based on the Doctor Who spin-off TV show which starred Elisabeth Sladen as The Doctor’s former companion Sarah Jane Smith.

Class audiobooks
A trio of audio readings based on Doctor Who’s short-lived young-adult TV spin-off Class.

Lethbridge-Stewart audiobooks
Audio readings of the novel series featuring Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart — the character better known of course as the Brigadier.

Erimem audiobooks
Audio readings of the series of novels featuring Erimem, companion of the Fifth Doctor from Big Finish’s audio dramas.

Time Hunter audiobooks
Audio readings of the Doctor Who spin-off novellas, featuring a pair of time-travelling “fixers”.

The ArcHive Tapes
A short series of audio readings by David Banks, narrating the fictional history of the Cybermen.

Audio biographies
An assortment of audiobook readings of Doctor Who cast and crew’s biographies.

Miscellaneous audiobooks
Audiobooks which don't belong in any of the above ranges.

Audio listed by category:

Audio readings usually involving a single actor reading a previously-published book, although in recent years there are “non-book” readings too.

Audio dramas
Full-cast audio drama, featuring multiple cast members and usually written specially for the audio medium.

Audio interviews & documentaries
Interviews with actors and writers, documentaries about Doctor Who, alternative DVD audio commentaries and more.

Music & sound effects
A wide selection of music or sound effects CDs, cassettes, LPs and singles either taken directly from the series, or inspired by it.

TV audio soundtracks
Audio recordings of Doctor Who TV episodes.

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Listing 14 editions:

(CD)The Ice Kings
View more details for The Ice Kings
Range:New series audio originals
Released:5 January 2023
Starring:Maureen O'Brien
(CD)The Romans
View more details for The Romans
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:5 January 2023
Starring:Tim Treloar, Dan Starkey, Clare Corbett & Jon Culshaw
(CD)The Seeds of Death
View more details for The Seeds of Death
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:2 February 2023
Starring:David Troughton
(CD)All of Time and Space
View more details for All of Time and Space
Range:The Doctor Chronicles audios
Released:15 February 2023
Starring:Jacob Dudman
(CD)The Time Monster
View more details for The Time Monster
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:16 March 2023
Starring:Jon Culshaw
(CD)Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil
View more details for Doctor Who and the Planet of Evil
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:6 April 2023
Starring:Tim Treloar
(CD)The Amazing World of Doctor Who
View more details for The Amazing World of Doctor Who
Range:Audio annuals
Released:20 April 2023
Starring:Geoffrey Beevers, Louise Jameson & Dan Starkey
(CD)Warriors of the Deep
View more details for Warriors of the Deep
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:4 May 2023
Starring:Peter Davison
(CD)The Nightmare Fair
View more details for The Nightmare Fair
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:1 June 2023
Starring:Toby Longworth
(CD)Silver Nemesis
View more details for Silver Nemesis
Range:Target novelisation readings
Released:6 July 2023
Starring:David Banks
(CD)The Zygon Invasion
View more details for The Zygon Invasion
Range:New Target audio readings
Released:13 July 2023
(CD)The Lagoon Monsters
View more details for The Lagoon Monsters
Range:New series audio originals
Released:5 October 2023
Other Forthcoming Releases:
An Unearthly ChildTarget novelisation readingsNigel RobinsonWilliam RussellDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 
Doctor Who and the Loch Ness MonsterTarget novelisation readingsTerrance DicksUnknownDecember 2023 (Date unconfirmed) 

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