TV audio soundtracks

Dozens of audio recordings of Doctor Who TV episodes have been released over the years on LP, cassette and CD.

The programme is unusual in this regard due to its status in the BBC archives: over 90 episodes of 1960s-era Doctor Who no longer exist on video — however, unlike many other “incomplete” shows, all of these missing episodes do exist as audio recordings, due to homemade tape recordings made by enterprising fans. All of these missing episodes have been released on CD at some point, all listed in this section — along with a smaller number of LP & cassette releases.

Also listed here are some “non-missing” episodes, which have also been released on audio in the same way (though these are less common).


TV audio soundtracks listed by range:

TV episode audio soundtracks
Even though over 90 episodes of classic Doctor Who no longer exist on video, all of them do exist as audio recordings, and over the years they have all been released on CD, cassette and/or vinyl.

Vinyl Who TV audio soundtracks
A new range of deluxe vinyl releases of classic Doctor Who TV audio soundtracks.

Lost TV Episodes audio box sets
A much sought-after range of CD box sets collecting previously-released audio recordings of lost Doctor Who TV episodes.

Miscellaneous TV audio soundtracks
TV audio soundtracks which don't belong in any of the above ranges.

Audio listed by category:

Audio readings usually involving a single actor reading a previously-published book, although in recent years there are “non-book” readings too.

Audio dramas
Full-cast audio drama, featuring multiple cast members and usually written specially for the audio medium.

Audio interviews & documentaries
Interviews with actors and writers, documentaries about Doctor Who, alternative DVD audio commentaries and more.

Music & sound effects
A wide selection of music or sound effects CDs, cassettes, LPs and singles either taken directly from the series, or inspired by it.

TV audio soundtracks
Audio recordings of Doctor Who TV episodes.

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