Activity books

This category contains Doctor Who books whose pages are not just for reading — i.e. they are designed to be drawn on, written on or torn out. For example:

  • Colouring or painting books
  • Sticker books
  • Postcard or poster books
  • Diaries
  • Puzzle or crossword books
  • etc. etc.

Also included are books which are indeed for reading, but whose sole purpose is to aid you in playing a game or performing a different (non-reading) activity:

  • Quiz books
  • Role-playing books
  • ”Choose your own adventure” books
  • Cooking (!)
  • Knitting (!!)

Activity books listed by range:

Decide Your Destiny books
A series of 16 choose-your-own adventure books published by BBC Books between 2007 and 2010.

Make Your Own Adventure with Doctor Who
Also known as “Find Your Fate”, this series of 6 Doctor Who-themed choose-your-own-adventure books was published in 1986.

Cubicle 7 Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
In 2009, Irish company Cubicle 7 released the Who-themed RPG Adventures in Time and Space (later renamed simply Doctor Who Roleplaying Game) and in the years since have released over 20 tie-in expansion modules and “sourcebooks”.

FASA Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
American RPG publisher FASA created a Doctor Who Roleplaying Game in 1985 and subsequently released several add-on modules.

BBC Quiz Books
A series of 4 Doctor Who quiz books published by BBC Books between 2005 and 2008.

Target Quiz Books
A trilogy of Doctor Who quiz books written by Nigel Robinson and published by Target between 1981 and 1985.

Magnet Quiz Books
A series of 5 Doctor Who-themed quiz and activity books published by Magnet Books in the early 1980s.

Danilo pocket diaries
Every year since 2008, UK publisher Danilo has released a slimline Doctor Who pocket diary.

Mallon diaries
Australian publisher Mallon has produced several Doctor Who hardback diaries over the years, mostly during the past decade.

Miscellaneous activity books
Activity books which don't belong in any of the above ranges.

Books listed by category:

Activity books
Colouring books, diaries, sticker books, cookbooks, role-playing games, and any other type of book designed for an activity other than reading.

These slim hardback books containing a mixture of fact and fiction have been a staple of British childrens’ Christmas stockings for decades.

Biographies, autobiographies and memoirs of well-known Doctor Who cast and crew.

Factual books
Non-fiction books about Doctor Who, ranging from behind-the-scenes production information, histories of the programme, media studies books, etc. etc.

Graphic novels
A selection of original graphic novels and collections of Doctor Who Magazine comic strips republished in book form.

A wide selection of books giving a humorous slant on Doctor Who, and also a selection of unofficial comedic parodies.

Original novels
Original Doctor Who fiction novels and novellas, i.e. not based on TV episodes.

TV novelisations
Adaptations of Doctor Who TV episodes in book form.

Script books
A selection of books containing the original scripts from Doctor Who TV stories and audio dramas.

Short stories
Anthologies of short stories and short fiction related (directly or indirectly) to Doctor Who.

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(Book)Gamemaster's Guide
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Range:Cubicle 7 Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
Released:21 February 2024
Cubicle 7
(Book)The Thirteenth Doctor Sourcebook
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Range:Cubicle 7 Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
Released:June 2024 (Date unconfirmed)

(Book)The Roleplaying Game Second Edition: A Stitch in Time
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Range:Cubicle 7 Doctor Who Roleplaying Game
Released:June 2024 (Date unconfirmed)

Cubicle 7

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