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Published by Target Books between 1977-78, Doctor Who Discovers... was a range of 5 educational books for children, covering real-world topics like space travel, prehistoric animals, etc.

Very similar to (and presumably inspired by) Target’s Doctor Who Dinosaur Book which had appeared in 1976, each book in this series was a large (roughly A4-sized) slim 64-page paperback book. Each volume also contained a fold-out poster of the cover art inside.

The range was originally intended to be a long-running series, but was sadly curtailed at 5 books due to poor sales. The next three books in the series were already planned for late 1978, but were abruptly cancelled and never saw the light of day: Doctor Who Discovers The Miners, Doctor Who Discovers Pirates and Doctor Who Discovers Inventors. That would normally be the end of the story — however, in 2019 the original draft for Doctor Who Discovers Pirates was discovered, leading it to be finally published in 2022 as a free giveaway with issue 576 of Doctor Who Magazine. (The book is not listed here on this site as it was not available to purchase on its own — though for those interested, copies are readily available on eBay.)

In an extremely rare example of real Doctor Who books crossing over into the fictional Whoniverse, this series of books forms a key plot point in the 2006 audio drama Kingmaker — a mock-up of a nonexistent book in the series (Doctor Who Discovers Historical Mysteries) even appears on the cover!

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View more details for Doctor Who Discovers Early ManDoctor Who Discovers Early Man Fred Newman Feb 1977  0-426-20008-X  

View more details for Doctor Who Discovers Prehistoric AnimalsDoctor Who Discovers Prehistoric Animals Fred Newman Nov 1977  0-426-20002-0  

View more details for Doctor Who Discovers Space TravelDoctor Who Discovers Space Travel Fred Newman Nov 1977  0-426-20003-9  

View more details for Doctor Who Discovers the ConquerorsDoctor Who Discovers the Conquerors Fred Newman Feb 1978  0-426-20013-6  

View more details for Doctor Who Discovers Strange and Mysterious CreaturesDoctor Who Discovers Strange and Mysterious Creatures Fred Newman Apr 1978  0-426-20004-7  


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