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Death in the Stars: A Melanie Bush Mystery

No. 18 of 18 in the BBC prestige novels series
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By:Bonnie Langford
Released:  22 August 2024
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: hardback
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Description:  Original novel featuring Sixth/Seventh Doctor companion Mel Bush (plus Sabalon Glitz), written by Bonnie Langford — who of course played Mel on TV. Also available as an audio reading.

Cover blurb:
A band of killers. Survivors with a secret. A death-defying murder mystery in space.

When young Mel’s business partner, Sabalom Glitz embarks on yet another “get rich quick” scheme, it marks the start of an epic, death-defying murder-mystery in space.

After barely escaping the snares of a murderous galactic cult, Mel searches for fellow survivors in a nearby spaceship graveyard — while Glitz looks to fill his pockets. But the discovery of a spaceship with its crew in suspended animation and incredible secrets on board leaves the duo stranded with no way off.

Mel revives the crew — and then the murders start. Murders that cannot possibly have been committed by any of the crewmembers. In fact, there are only two realistic suspects — Glitz and Mel themselves...

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