The Decades Collection novels

A special range of 6 original novels to celebrate Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, each novel set during a different decade.

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View more details for Imaginary FriendsImaginary Friends Jacqueline Rayner 1stOct 2023  978-1-4059-5694-9
View more details for The CradleThe Cradle Natasha Suri 12thOct 2023  978-1-4059-5696-3
View more details for The Self-Made ManThe Self-Made Man Mark Griffiths 4thOct 2023  978-1-4059-5698-7
View more details for WannabesWannabes Dave Rudden 10thOct 2023  978-1-4059-5701-4
View more details for The Monster in the CupboardThe Monster in the Cupboard Kalynn Bayron 9thOct 2023  978-1-4059-5703-8
View more details for The Angel of RedemptionThe Angel of Redemption Nikita Gill 11thOct 2023  978-1-4059-5700-7

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