The Companions of Doctor Who novels

A pioneering but short-lived trio of novels published by Target in the mid-1980s, featuring adventures of the Doctor’s travelling companions.

Even though original Doctor Who fiction is now the norm (i.e. novels not based on TV episodes), this was not always so. In 1986, Target Books took the bold step of publishing the first series of original Doctor Who novels. Rather than featuring the Doctor, they opted to centre each book on one of the Doctor’s travelling companions, and set them in the time after they left the TARDIS.

Three such books were published between 1986 and 1987 — although technically only two of them were original fiction since the third (K-9 and Company) was a novelisation of the 1981 spin-off TV pilot. The range was sadly not successful (critically or commercially) so no further such books were published after 1987.

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View more details for Turlough and the Earthlink DilemmaTurlough and the Earthlink Dilemma Tony Attwood May 1986  0-426-20224-4  

View more details for Harry Sullivan's WarHarry Sullivan's War Ian Marter Sep 1986  0-426-20250-3  

View more details for K-9 and CompanyK-9 and Company Terence Dudley Oct 1987  0-426-20309-7  


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