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Highest-rated books:
1:Wiped!  Miscellaneous factual books 9.5
2:Doctor Who and the Dæmons  Target novelisations 9.3
3:The Witch Hunters  BBC Past Doctor novels 9.3
4:The Evil of the Daleks  Target novelisations 9.2
5:The Reign of Terror  Target novelisations 9.2
6:Prisoner of the Daleks  BBC New Series Adventures novels 9.1
7:Mission to the Unknown  Target novelisations 9.1
8:Touched by an Angel  BBC New Series Adventures novels 9.1
9:Fury from the Deep  Target novelisations 9
10:AHistory  Miscellaneous factual books 8.9
11:The Handbook: The First Doctor  The Handbook 8.9
12:Iris Wildthyme: The Panda Book of Horror  Iris Wildthyme short story collections 8.9
13:The Target Book  Miscellaneous factual books 8.9
14:Doctor Who and the Crusaders  Target novelisations 8.9
15:The Iron Legion  Panini graphic novels 8.9
16:The Also People  New Adventures novels 8.9
17:Professor Bernice Summerfield: Life During Wartime  Bernice Summerfield short stories 8.9
18:Doctor Who and the Day of the Daleks  Target novelisations 8.8
19:The Audio Scripts: Volume Two  Big Finish audio script books 8.8
20:Shada  BBC prestige novels 8.8
Lowest-rated books:
1:Divided Loyalties  BBC Past Doctor novels 2.8
2:The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel  Miscellaneous factual books 3.5
3:Heart of TARDIS  BBC Past Doctor novels 3.7
4:Silver Nemesis  Target novelisations 3.7
5:Time and the Rani  Target novelisations 3.9
6:Turlough and the Earthlink Dilemma  The Companions of Doctor Who novels 3.9
7:Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara  Target novelisations 4
8:So You Think You Know Dr Who?  Miscellaneous factual books 4
9:Beltempest  BBC Eighth Doctor novels 4
10:Invasion of the Cat-People  Missing Adventures novels 4
11:The Krotons  Target novelisations 4
12:Speed of Flight  Missing Adventures novels 4
13:Time's Champion  Miscellaneous original novels 4
14:Oblivion  New Adventures novels 4.1
15:Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy  Target novelisations 4.1
16:Arc of Infinity  Target novelisations 4.1
17:Kinda  Target novelisations 4.1
18:Combat Rock  BBC Past Doctor novels 4.2
19:Doctor Who and the Destiny of the Daleks  Target novelisations 4.2
20:Meglos  Target novelisations 4.2

Unrated books:
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Catherine Tate: Laugh it Up!
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 The Iytean Menace
FASA Doctor Who Roleplaying Game  (Vote here)
David Tennant: A Year in the Spotlight
Cast biographies  (Vote here)
 The Crimson Hand
Panini graphic novels  (Vote here)
Space Travels
Miscellaneous activity books  (Vote here)
 The Jon Pertwee Book of Monsters
Miscellaneous short stories  (Vote here)
Four Doctors
Titan graphic novels  (Vote here)
 The Daleks / The Dalek Problem
FASA Doctor Who Roleplaying Game  (Vote here)
City of Gold
FASA Doctor Who Roleplaying Game  (Vote here)
 Anneke Wills: In Focus
Cast biographies  (Vote here)

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