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Mission to the Unknown

No. 141 of 156 in the Target novelisations series
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By:John Peel
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Released:  September 1989
Publisher:  Target
Format: paperback
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Note:  Novelisation of the standalone episode Mission to the Unknown plus the first 6 episodes of The Daleks’ Master Plan. The second half of this 12-part story was subsequently novelised as The Mutation of Time. Also available as an audio reading.

Cover blurb:
Stranded in the jungles of Kembel, the most hostile planet in the Galaxy, Space Security agent Marc Cory has stumbled across the most deadly plot ever hatched — the Daleks are about to invade and destroy the Universe. Cory has to get a warning back to Earth before it’s too late — but the Daleks find him first.

Months later the Doctor and his companions arrive on Kembel and find Cory’s message. But it may already be too late for Earth — the Daleks’ Masterplan has already begun...

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