New Target novelisations

To the delight of fans, a new series of Target-branded TV novelisations of new series Doctor Who episodes was announced in 2018. These initially consisted of 4 novelisations of new series episodes, plus an abridged version of the City of Death novel originally published in 2015.

These books were published with the Target logo on the cover (the trademark is now owned by BBC Books' parent company Penguin Random House), however these novelisations are not numbered as part of the "Doctor Who Library", hence why they are listed separately in this page instead of with the rest of the Target novelisations.

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View more details for City of DeathCity of Death James Goss UK abridged paperback  Apr 2018  978-1-78594-327-0  

View more details for RoseRose Russell T. Davies n/a  Apr 2018  978-1-78594-326-3  

View more details for The Christmas InvasionThe Christmas Invasion Jenny T. Colgan n/a  Apr 2018  978-1-78594-328-7  

View more details for The Day of the DoctorThe Day of the Doctor Steven Moffat UK paperback  Apr 2018  978-1-78594-329-4  

View more details for Twice Upon a TimeTwice Upon a Time Paul Cornell n/a  Apr 2018  978-1-78594-330-0  

View more details for Доктор Кто. День ДоктораДоктор Кто. День Доктора Steven Moffat Russia hardback  Oct 2018  978-5-271-48309-7  

8.3  None
View more details for The TV MovieThe TV Movie Gary Russell UK 2nd paperback  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-531-1
View more details for The Pirate PlanetThe Pirate Planet James Goss UK abridged paperback  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-530-4
View more details for Resurrection of the DaleksResurrection of the Daleks Eric Saward UK paperback  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-434-5
View more details for Revelation of the DaleksRevelation of the Daleks Eric Saward UK paperback  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-436-9
View more details for DalekDalek Robert Shearman n/a  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-503-8
View more details for The Crimson HorrorThe Crimson Horror Mark Gatiss n/a  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-504-5
View more details for The WitchfindersThe Witchfinders Joy Wilkinson n/a  Mar 2021  978-1-78594-502-1

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