The Androids of Tara

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By:David Fisher
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Released:  July 2022
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: paperback
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Description:  Novelisation of the 1978 Doctor Who TV story of the same name — note that this is a completely different book than the 1980 novelisation written by Terrance Dicks. Instead this is a brand new adaptation by the original TV author David Fisher, originally released as an audiobook exclusive in 2012 and finally making its first appearance in print.

Cover blurb:
‘Why is your first impulse to reach for your swords and never a screwdriver?’

The Doctor and Romana’s search for the fourth segment of the all-powerful Key to Time leads them to the planet Tara, where courtly intrigue and romantic pageantry employ the most sophisticated technology.

Within hours of arriving, Romana is mistaken for a powerful princess and the Doctor forced to dally with robotic royalty — and both are quickly embroiled in the scheming ambitions of the wicked Count Grendel. Finding the segment of the Key is easy enough, but escaping with it in one piece will prove an altogether more colourful affair...

This novel is based on a Doctor Who story that was originally broadcast from 25 November — 16 December 1978.

Featuring the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker and his companion Romana.

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