Season 19

Castrovalva11 bloopers
Four to Doomsday18 bloopers
Kinda7 bloopers
The Visitation10 bloopers
Black Orchid7 bloopers
Earthshock18 bloopers
Time-Flight17 bloopers

Season 20

Arc of Infinity6 bloopers
Snakedance2 bloopers
Mawdryn Undead8 bloopers
Terminus6 bloopers
Enlightenment10 bloopers
The King's Demons7 bloopers
The Five Doctors15 bloopers

Season 21

Warriors of the Deep11 bloopers
The Awakening4 bloopers
Frontios9 bloopers
Resurrection of the Daleks15 bloopers
Planet of Fire8 bloopers
The Caves of Androzani17 bloopers