The Caves of Androzani:

10ep 1 – The Doctor and Peri are exploring the cave system when Peri falls through a hole and out of sight, supposedly down a slope and into a spectrox nest. But after just enough time to say "boing," watch as Nicola Bryant's head makes a quick reappearance!

20ep 1 – In the first scene with the gunrunners, when Stotz tells Krelper, "Someone's coming!" and gets up, the 'rock' he was resting against wobbles noticeably back and forth.

30ep 1 – Morgus's remote control quite blatantly belongs to a twentieth-century television set. Admittedly, the company logo has been taped over — but the volume, brightness and contrast controls are clearly visible in one close-up.

40ep 1 – When the gun-runners are throwing the cases of guns off the catwalk, one of them gets a little stuck and has to be pushed again.

50ep 1 – In the same scene, Maurice Roëves' head collides with one of the cases, and he looks up with a startled expression at the extra pulling it towards him!

60ep 1 – The Doctor muses, "Morgus said that spectrox was the most valuable substance in the Universe". However, we heard the entire video conversation between Morgus and Chellak, and Morgus said no such thing!

70ep 1-4 – Jean Peyre's credit for Design Effects misspells his name as "John Peyre" on all four episodes.

80ep 2 – In Sharaz Jek's confrontation with the Doctor (where he calls the Doctor a "prattling jackanapes") his collar comes undone and hangs loosely for the next few scenes.

90ep 2 – In the android's-eye view of the Doctor's two hearts, not only are the hearts oddly far down in the Doctor's abdomen, but they are also clearly outside his coat...

100ep 2 – Maurice Roëves (playing Stotz) screws up the line, "All right, then, where's the two kilos?" He seems to start saying "spectrox" before switching to "two".

110ep 2 – Watch how, because the Magma Beast moves so slowly, the gunrunner who gets caught by it has to actually shuffle backwards to get into its clutches!

120ep 3 – When the Doctor is chained up on Stotz's ship, pause the DVD when he pulls out the first restraint. You'll see it remains attached to the chain, even though we hear the sound effect of it flying across the room and hitting the floor.

130ep 3,4 – At the cliffhanger, when the gunrunners cut through the door, the cutaway shots of the blowtorch (or whatever) burning through it show a door panel which is different to the actual door we saw earlier — it is obscured at the lower right by a diagonal piece of foreground set, and there is no locking device mounted next to its upper right-hand side. But in the continuation of the scene in Part 4, the door panel with its cut-out section is now magically seen to be in its proper place.

140ep 4 – The wall of Jek's HQ wobbles as Jek pushes Chellak out into the mud-burst.

150ep 4 – When the Doctor is in the cave getting milk from the Queen Bat, the shot has been reversed — you can tell because the question marks on the Doctor's collar are backwards. This also happens when he uses the last of the oxygen on the way back.

160ep 4 – As the Doctor is escaping from the gun-runners, his coat is stained on the front of the right shoulder by a mud-burst. But shortly afterwards, when the Doctor is climbing down to find the Queen Bat, his coat is completely clean. And then, while he's actually extracting the Queen's milk, the stains have magically re-appeared — only to disappear again as he climbs back up the rock face afterwards. And no prizes for guessing what happens in the next scene — yes, the mud stains reappear!

170ep 4 – Watch out for the mouseholes visible in the TARDIS during the regeneration!

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