Planet of Fire:

10ep 1 – Yet again, the electrical cable powering the TARDIS console is very obvious in several scenes, especially when Turlough discovers Kamelion plugged in to the console.

20ep 1 – You can see the mountains move against the desert floor when the Doctor is walking on the surface of Sarn.
[This appears to have been fixed for the DVD edition?]

30ep 1 – Peri dries off awfully quickly between nearly drowning and being carried into the TARDIS by Turlough a couple of minutes later. And in her next scene, her hair is back to being perfectly styled, too.

40ep 1-4 – Watch how the question marks on the Doctor's braces keep changing the way they face, depending on whether Peter Davison is appearing in the studio or on location.

50ep 2 – When the "Kamelion-Master" forces Peri out of the TARDIS with him, they leave the door open. But when Kamelion gets hit by the falling pillar, the TARDIS can be seen in the background with the doors closed. Later, when he gets up and looks back at the TARDIS, the door is open again.

60ep 3 – The Master's TARDIS is amazingly similar to the Doctor's — even down to the electrical cable running along the floor (except that it's black this time). It's especially obvious in the scene where Peri and Kamelion bring in the "control box".

70ep 3 – At the cliffhanger to Part 3, we see the Master turn around to face Peri twice — once in close-up, and again over Peri's shoulder as she looks into the mini-laboratory.

80ep 4 – The door to the Master's "stone pillar" TARDIS doesn't close properly when Kamelion forces the Doctor, Peri and Amyand out at gunpoint.

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