Resurrection of the Daleks:

10ep 1 – In the first scene with Mercer and Styles, an extremely blatant boom-mike shadow lingers over Mercer's face as they wait for the laboratory door to open.

20ep 1 – In the battle at the airlock, a close-up of one of the Daleks shows its top lifting up just as it fires.

30ep 1 – On the Dalek ship, Turlough watches a Dalek go through a doorway into the time corridor area (a completely white room), after which the door slowly descends behind it. However, the door is so slow that the Dalek visibly comes to a halt in what is obviously just a corner of the studio — watch its shadow reveal the previously invisible join between wall and floor!

40ep 1 – Somebody forgot to include Leslie Grantham in the credits.
[This blooper applies only to "Part 1" of the originally-transmitted version of this story, where Parts 1 and 2 were combined into a single 45-minute episode]

50ep 2 – The Dalek that is pushed by the Doctor and co. towards the warehouse first-floor window has a normal glossy grey paint job. However, the exterior shot (as it emerges, falls to the ground and explodes) shows a rather battered-looking Dalek with a dull matt finish and very crude, distorted neck rings.

60ep 2 – When a force of Daleks invades the warehouse, three Daleks get into the time corridor aboard the ship, but four emerge from the other end!

70ep 3 – In one of the scenes of the Doctor in the mind probe room, there's a body in the background (supposedly the duplicate of Turlough, in suspended animation). But keep an eye on its hand, and you'll see it moving.

80ep 3 – When Tegan digs out one of the canisters, she mentions how light they are and tosses them about. However, when they arrive on the Dalek ship it takes two troopers to pick one up.
[Must be all that weight training they put air hostesses through!]

90ep 3 – Somebody forgot to include a picture of Leela amongst all the other companions in the mind-drain sequence.
[Technically this is breaking my rule about "no cross-story bloopers" but it's such an egregious (and easily avoided) error, I can't let it slide...]

100ep 4 – As Mercer and Stien escort the Doctor to confront Davros, watch the wall behind them as the door slides shut. The wall is semi-transparent, letting you clearly see the silhouette of a stagehand push the door shut, straighten up, and walk off.

110ep 4 – When Mercer shoots the two guards outside the laboratory, one of them falls against the wall as he dies, and makes it wobble hugely. Stien does the same as he collapses against the wall shortly afterwards.

120ep 4 – Also in this gun battle, the "wrong" sound effect is used when Stien shoots the two troopers — his gun sounds like one of the space station guns (like the one Mercer just used) instead of its normal sound.

130ep 4 – Just like in episode 2, three Daleks enter the time corridor for the final battle but four emerge in the warehouse. Note, too, that one of the four Daleks is of the non-moving kind — it can be seen "frozen" in the background of several scenes in the battle.

140ep 4 – Davros supposedly crushes one of the virus capsules against a benchtop to release the contagion within. However, the capsule is already smoking well before it touches the bench.

150ep 4 – The TARDIS lands in the ground floor of the warehouse, where Tegan and Turlough retrieve one of the virus canisters. However, when the Doctor takes the canister out to deal with the Daleks, he walks straight out of the TARDIS into the battle area — which is on the first floor!

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