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31 March 2017:

Sorry for not getting around to posting a February update: The Twelfth Doctor now belatedly joins the site with 25 bloopers from his debut episode Deep Breath!

31 January 2017:

Two dozen new bloopers added for the Eleventh Doctor as we attack Victory of the Daleks. Stay tuned for the next update before the end of February...

31 December 2016:

A baker's dozen new bloopers for the Eleventh Doctor as we peek under the covers of The Beast Below. The next update will be Victory of the Daleks, coming in January!

23 November 2016:

After a very long wait, the Eleventh Doctor finally makes his debut on this site with over 40 bloopers from his opening episode The Eleventh Hour! And there's more good news for blooper fans — from now on, I plan to have a more frequent update schedule, publishing bloopers for one new story every month. Next on the list is The Beast Below — coming in December!

31 December 2015:

Just a small update this year as I've been busy on other projects: Nearly 50 new bloopers added for the Tenth Doctor, covering Partners in Crime, The Fires of Pompeii and Planet of the Ood.
I promise I'll finally get started on the 11th and 12th Doctors in 2016!

31 December 2014:

I didn't want to let the year pass without an update: this time it's jelly babies all round as just over 300 new bloopers are added for the Fourth Doctor (new entries highlighted in red).
New series fans, stay patient: updates for the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors are coming in 2015 2016!

23 November 2013:

Well, I did promise you a 50th Anniversary update, and here it is! Here's what's new this time:

30 December 2012:

Snakes alive! A site update? But it hasn't been 4 years since the last one! I know, I know, I'm too good to you people. You're welcome! Here's what's new this time:

Thanks to the same usual suspects as last year, who also contributed to this year's update. Thanks also to Netflix UK and their very handy library of Doctor Who episodes available to stream online, letting me easily watch and verify all of this year's new Tenth Doctor bloopers without having to faff around with shiny silver discs. (No, I don't work for them; just a satisfied customer.)
See you in 2013 for a 50th anniversary update!

23 November 2011:

Keeping up a fine habit of only updating the site once every 4 years, it's an update! To cheer you up after such a long wait, this is the biggest-ever batch of new bloopers, with over 400 new entries!

Thanks as always to the contributions from my site visitors, as well as to Steven Cooper for supplying/verifying many of the new Second Doctor bloopers, and the following sites/forums for inspiring some of the new entries for the Tenth Doctor: Gallifrey Base, and The Whoniverse. Also thanks to the highly useful Doctor Who 2005+ Transcripts site for saving me countless hours spent hunched over a DVD remote!

22 November 2007:

It took nearly as long as the new series itself to arrive, but 4 years on, the site has finally been updated: Now added are almost 250 new bloopers covering the entirety of the Ninth Doctor's all-too-brief incarnation.
Thanks to my many site visitors who submitted contributions, but also special thanks to the denizens of the Outpost Gallifrey forums, whose eagle-eyed observations provided many of the new bloopers on display.

24 November 2003:

As a little 40th anniversary treat, I've finally gotten around to adding more bloopers - this time it's the Sixth Doctor's turn, with 60 new bloopers added. Enjoy!

15 October 2002:

Another update (and it only took 6 months this time!) Exactly 100 new bloopers have been added - mostly to the Seventh Doctor page, but also a couple of dozen Miscellaneous bloopers.
As before, special thanks to Steven Cooper.

2 April 2002:

Finally, an update! Over 150 new Third Doctor bloopers have been added.
Many thanks to the dozens of souls who contributed the bloopers in question, particularly Steven Cooper for his invaluable help.
This is the first of several updates planned for the coming months (one Doctor at a time). Watch this space!

1 June 2000:

New site launched! Since the original Bloopers List began on the Web in 1995, this has been the first radical overhaul of the site, with a new URL, all-new graphics and over 200 bloopers added! Each of the new bloopers on the list are highlighted in red.