Planet of the Ood:

10 At the start of the episode, Donna complains bitterly about the cold when she emerges from the TARDIS — but then she simply throws a coat on and she's fine, not even bothering about gloves? Mind you, it can't really be that cold — nobody's breath can be seen fogging at any point, and furthermore when the Doc & Donna come across the dying Ood in the snow, patches of green grass can be seen through the (presumably sprayed-on) snow in the background...

20 When Solana is demonstrating the three different Ood voices, as she moves towards the second one, keep an eye on the first (normal-voiced) Ood, who nearly drops his translation ball as he fumbles to reattach it to his outfit!

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Does it snow upwards on the Ood-Sphere??
When the Doctor and Donna are witnessing the fallen Ood being whipped, notice that there's snow visibly stuck to the underside of the railings in front of them. Looks like a crew member got a bit carried away with the snow spray! Even if we allow for some freak weather conditions that allowed falling snow to stick to the underside, notice the railing is made of metal, so it must be freezing cold. But the Doctor and Donna happily hold onto it with their ungloved hands, without so much as a wince!

40 In the warehouse scene, the metal "claw" that attacks the Doctor is supposedly there to lift containers (and indeed we see a brief special effects shot of it doing so from a distance), but when you get a good look at the claw, it seems very poorly-designed for that purpose: the claw has three arms, each of which tapers to a sharp point at the end. Completely unsuitable for picking up rectangular shipping containers! (At the very least you'd expect either two or four arms, to evenly grip the the containers)
[It's almost as if it was designed for attacking people...]

50 Does anyone else find it odd that Halpen gleefully pushes Dr. Ryder over the balcony to his death, but only 30 seconds later is reluctant to kill the Doctor and Donna because he's never shot anyone before...?
[OK, so he's a very selective cold-blooded killer — my favourite kind!]

60 Less a "proper" blooper and more a character/plot annoyance, but spare a thought for poor Dr. Ryder: By his own words, it took him "ten years" to infiltrate the company, and at the end he's killed because he couldn't keep his mouth shut for literally two more minutes? If he had held his tongue just that little bit longer instead of blabbing his true identity, Halpen's transformation into an Ood would have been complete and he wouldn't have pushed Ryder over the balcony... :(
[Maybe he couldn't resist the urge to rub Halpen's nose in it while he was still human?]

70 At the end, as the Doctor and Donna are leaving, Ood Sigma lavishes praise on them for their help ("You will never be forgotten. Our children will sing of the Doctor-Donna", blah blah blah). But stop and think for a minute — what did the Doctor and Donna actually do? Virtually everything that happened in this episode would have happened whether or not our heroes were there. It's Ood Sigma and the ill-fated Dr. Ryder who deserve most of the credit. The main contributions the Doctor made plot-wise were in the control room at the end, where he pressed one button to disarm the bombs and took literally 5 seconds fiddling with the controls to "break the circle" — both of which Ood Sigma or Dr. Ryder could easily have done. As for Donna, she shed a tear while looking at the caged Ood and, er... that's about it! Why does that warrant such effusive praise?

80 At the end, the TARDIS dematerialises really quickly (within 2 or 3 seconds) after the Doctor and Donna walk into it. Surely not enough time for them to get to the controls?

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