10ep 1 – As Captain Revere sees the earth moving beneath him, the fingers of a crew member can be seen giving it a helping hand.

20ep 1 – Yet again, the TARDIS console's power cable is clearly visible in a couple of the early scenes, running along the floor of the room and out the back of the set.

30ep 1 – As Brazen enters the stateroom to tell Plantagenet about the arrival of the travellers, the doorway wobbles rather badly.

40ep 1,2 – When Plantagenet is hit by a meteorite fragment at the end of Part 1, he clutches the left side of his chest — but when we see him collapse in Part 2, he clutches his right side. Then, a few scenes later, when his shirt has been removed, we see that the wound is located centrally on his torso.

50ep 2 – In the tunnels, the Doctor hides the lamp he's carrying under his coat when he hears someone approaching, which turns out to be Mr. Range. However, there's no visible change at all in the actual lighting of the scene, from when he's carrying the lamp, to when it's under his coat, to when he takes it out again.

60ep 2 – When Tegan runs out of the medical shelter (being chased by Brazen and some guards), she locks the door by putting a rod through the two handles on the double doors. Later in the episode, when we see the guards trying to break the doors open, the rod is on top of the handles, not through them.

70ep 4 – The end of a boom-mike drops briefly into shot in the first scene in the incomplete TARDIS console room, just before Plantagenet says, "Turlough has remembered the secret of the Tractators".

80ep 4 – In one scene aboard the still-incomplete TARDIS, you can just barely see the central column of the console rise to its 'up' position on the left side of the screen. How could the column move if none of the controls were operative?

90ep 4 – All through the climactic scene the Gravis's antennae are wildly askew, and he collapses onto the console with his left antenna pointing downwards. Yet a moment later, when the Doctor goes over to examine his inert form, both antennae are pointing straight up.

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