The Twin Dilemma:

10ep 1 – Hugo tells the Commander that Professor Sylvest found "a dust-like deposit on the floor of [the twins'] room; he says it's zanium." In fact, Hugo just made that up — Sylvest simply said straight out that it was zanium, without any "dust-like deposit" embellishment.

20ep 1 – Watch Elena's monitor screen just before she taps some keys and gets the display of information about the X.V.773 freighter. It's filled with a mass of tiny text which initially looks like just gibberish — but if you look closer, you'll see it's actually the computer program (written in an ancient version of BASIC) to create that information display! Somebody's even typed in the RUN command at the bottom of the screen so that all the actress has to do is press the ENTER key and, hey presto, instant faked information readout!

30ep 1 – After the Doctor and Peri study Titan 3 on the scanner and prepare to go out, the Doctor heads straight for the door without bothering to operate the controls. Then we hear the scanner-closing sound effect, even though neither the Doctor nor Peri are near the console.

40ep 2 – As the Doctor and Peri prepare to go out onto the asteroid surface for the second time, the Doctor again heads for the door without operating the control. Thankfully, Peri says something else and the Doctor turns back for a few more lines, before finally going back to the console and hitting the real door control.

50ep 2 – The silver computer terminal in the safe-house on Titan 3 is prone to wobbling — an obvious example being after Peri spots the bomb ticking away outside the room, and the Doctor walks away from the terminal to have a look.

60ep 2,3 – Why does Peri end up back in the TARDIS when the revitaliser machine sends her ten seconds back in time? Come to that, why does the Doctor find himself in an empty console room if he was sent just ten seconds into Peri's future?

70ep 3 – Mestor could have saved himself the bother of kidnapping the genius twins (and saved us the pain of watching their excruciatingly wooden performance) — the "advanced mathematics" that he forces them to perform are so elementary that Peri could have done them.

80ep 4 – The idea that the other two planets couldn't share the same orbit as Joconda because they're smaller than it is complete rubbish. The mass of a planet has nothing to do with the stability or otherwise of its orbit. And the statements that a planet falling into Joconda's sun would cause it to explode, or "tear a small hole in the Universe" are nonsense, too.

90ep 4 – In the final scene on Joconda, where Peri is saying goodbye to Hugo, you can glimpse the Chamberlain lurking in the background, waiting to come up to say his final line. Somebody off-stage obviously signals to him that he's in shot, since he raises his hand in acknowledgement before moving off out of camera range.

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