Attack of the Cybermen:

10ep 1 – In a couple of the early TARDIS scenes a scorch mark is visible on the console room wall, next to one of the pillars. However, this mark isn't supposed to be there until Russell accidentally fires a Cyber-gun at the wall at the end of the episode.

20ep 1 – When the Telos work party member (played by Pat Gorman) gets shot by a Cyberman, he knocks the camera as he tumbles down the hill, causing the picture to shake.

30ep 1,2 – In the cliffhanger scene, the TARDIS doors are open (obviously) as several Cybermen enter with Lytton and Griffiths, while Russell attacks (and is killed by) a Cyberman already in the ship. The very next shot shows the intruders standing near the now-closed TARDIS doors — but there was neither time for them to close, nor was the usual door-closing sound effect heard.

40ep 1,2 – On both episodes, designer Marjorie Pratt's credit has obviously been crudely inserted into the end titles sequence, as it causes a noticeable "jump" in the starfield background.
[Apparently her credit was initially omitted by mistake, and had to be hurriedly edited in later.]

50ep 2 – The guard-railing on the tomb set seems to be rather flimsy during the struggle between the two Cybermen — it wobbles badly as one of them knocks it.

60ep 2 – When Lytton stabs the Cyber-Controller, his "blood" splashes onto the camera lens.

70ep 2 – In the "fight scene" between the Doctor and the Cyber-Controller, the carpet on the studio floor (under the central console) gets kicked up and rather badly creased.

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