Vengeance on Varos:

10ep 1 – After the TARDIS breaks down, the Doctor and Peri can be seen standing over the console reading the manual, even though it's clearly just a book full of blank pages.

20ep 1 – When Maldak shoots at the just-arrived TARDIS on Varos, Peri says, "Why did that man fire at us and then turn away as if we didn't exist?" However, after Maldak's initial shot, the Doctor closed the scanner screen, so Peri never got to see his reaction.

30ep 1 – After the Doctor frees Jondar and they are being chased through the Punishment Dome, the Doctor tells Jondar that if they could get back to the TARDIS they could escape easily enough (and Peri confirms this). But how? The reason they came to Varos in the first place was because the Doctor needed Zeiton-7 to fix the non-functioning TARDIS. Sure, they'd be safe inside the TARDIS, but they wouldn't actually be able to escape from the dome.

40ep 1 – If the illusion of a desert causes thirst, why doesn't the illusion of water quench thirst?

50ep 1,2 – When the Doctor removes his coat in the "desert," the waistcoat he was previously wearing beneath it has suddenly vanished, replaced by a pair of question-mark braces. Later on, after the Doctor has recovered his coat from the acid bath room, the waistcoat mysteriously reappears.

60ep 1 – Compare the first two votes — notice that the cuffs lock around the Governor's hands at different times in each one.

70ep 1,2 – The close-up of the Doctor shows him clearly still breathing and moving, despite everyone watching in Prison Control being convinced that he's dead.

80ep 2 – When the Doctor releases Peri from the transmogrifier platform, the buckle of the restraining belt comes loose and slides slowly down to the bottom of the platform.

90ep 2 – The edging around the acid pool is loose and flaps around during the Doctor's struggle with the guards.

100ep 2 – When the Doctor and co. are in a patrol buggy and get fired on by some guards, they zip around a corner as an explosion goes off near them. Unfortunately the explosion happens at floor level, nowhere near where the guards' shots went.

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