The Mark of the Rani:

10ep 1 – When the Doctor and Peri are left in Lord Ravensworth's office with the guard dog, the dog's position shifts instantaneously between shots — one moment it's in full view, the next it's mostly concealed behind the open door.

20ep 1 – When the dog runs out to attack the Master, it's quite obvious that it isn't barking in the first shot of it trying to climb up the gate, despite all the racket on the soundtrack.

30ep 1 – When the three miners attack the Doctor and one falls down the pit, a later shot still shows three men with shovels attacking the Doctor.

40ep 1 – Just after the Master takes the Rani's parasites, the supposedly unconscious man in front of him blatantly lifts his leg. Also, a very obvious boom-mike shadow is visible as the Master moves away.

50ep 1 – When the Rani leaves the bath house to find the Master, Peri sneaks in to rescue the Doctor, taking special care to bolt the door on the inside after she enters. But when the Rani and the Master return, they just walk in, the door having mysteriously unbolted itself.

60ep 1 – The real Luddites never attacked coal mining machinery, as it didn't threaten their livelihoods (which was the whole point behind the Luddite movement).

70ep 2 – Watch Nicola Bryant stumble and nearly fall as the tree seizes her.

80ep 2 – In the climactic scene in the Rani's TARDIS, a jar containing a baby dinosaur is supposed to fall off a pedestal and shatter. If you watch carefully, you'll see that a lever of some kind is surreptitiously pushed under the wall of the set and gives the pedestal a quick push to tilt it over!

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