The Two Doctors:

10ep 1 – When the second Doctor materialises the TARDIS on the research station, he and Jamie head for the TARDIS door, with every intention of leaving — but the door isn't open, nor has the Doctor gone to open it. The Doctor then conveniently remembers that he should "take the recall disk" from the control console. It was a prop needed for the story, so it wasn't just an excuse for going ack to open the door (there's dialogue during this as well). He walks back to take the disk, and only then opens the door.

20ep 1,2 – Robert Holmes unwisely directs the viewer's attention to a point that's best left unexamined — namely, how is it we can understand what these aliens are saying? — when Doña Arana recognises Shockeye's language as being English. Also, in Part 2, the Doctor reassures Peri when she says she doesn't speak Spanish — "That's all right. Neither do they..."

30ep 1 – The space station wall is very shaky as the Doctor and Peri climb into the service duct.

40ep 1,2 – When the unconscious Doctor falls onto some cables, the uprights supporting them wobble very badly.

50ep 2 – When the Doctor interrogates the space station computer, he sets a mass of text scrolling up the screen. If you examine it frame by frame, you can find hidden among the technobabble an error message produced by the BBC Micro program that generated the text: "String too long @ 720".

60ep 2 – At one point, the Doctor delivers the line "Small though it is, the human brain can be quite effective when used properly" and pats Peri on the head. Imediately following that, you can distinctly see a visibly angry Nicola Bryant mouth "A**hole" under her breath and then move on to her next line as if nothing were wrong!

70ep 2 – The barely-attached Sontaran collars are a problem all through this story. See especially Stike's confrontation with the second Doctor, when he is leaning over Troughton.

80ep 2 – When the Doctor eavesdrops on Chessene and Shockeye, the hacienda window is open. Then when he makes a noise and Chessene comes over to investigate, the window has mysteriously closed itself. She has to open it, take a look out and then close it again.

90ep 3 – When the Sontarans are attacked by coronic acid grenades in the cellar, one of the Sontarans holding his head in agony does so a bit too tightly — look closely and you can see his head starting to cave in.

100ep 3 – When the Second Doctor is running to hail the lorry, he slips on the gravel of the roadway.

110ep 3 – When the Doctor, Peri and Jamie spot the truck in Seville the Doctor comments "they can't be more than a minute ahead of us". Now, even if the three travellers had managed to stay a minute behind the truck then they'd still have had to run all the way! A Time Lord might be able to manage this but what about poor old Jamie and flappy-arms Peri? Besides, if the Second Doctor and Shockeye were only a minute ahead of the other three then how did they manage to get through the traffic, park the lorry and get out of sight so quickly?

120ep 3 – Just before Oscar is stabbed by Shockeye, you can see through his (very thin and presumably cool) shirt that there is a small bag of fake blood ready for Shockeye to plunge his dagger into. Despite this, it's not very good fake blood, as it doesn't even stain the knife!

130ep 3 – After all the mayhem of Oscar's protracted death scene, Shockeye storming out and the second Doctor having to be helped out of the restaurant, the waiters and other diners can be seen in the background calmly continuing with their normal business! Absolutely unbelievable.

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