10ep 1 – Watch for the moment when Maylin Renis (one of the Karfellans) accidentally pulls a dial off the computer console. But being a consummate professional, he quickly reattaches it without looking or drawing a great deal of attention to it.

20ep 1 – When Renis is killed by the Borad, his skeleton brings a piece of string down with it as it collapses to the floor. (This was holding the skeleton upright, before a stagehand released it to make the skeleton collapse.)

30ep 1 – Shortly after this, Tekker tells Vena that her father suffered a "fatal seizure". Unfortunately for the writer, medically there is no such thing as a "fatal" seizure.

40ep 1 – The Doctor says he is "travelling light this time" after Tekker's enquiry as to whether Peri is his only companion. But later on we find out that the last time he was here (as the Third Doctor), he only had Jo Grant with him — so wasn't he travelling light then too?

50ep 1 – The TARDIS console's electrical cable is visible in the scenes where the Doctor is taking Vena back to Karfel.

60ep 2 – After the rebels take control of the inner sanctum, several guards lie on the floor, supposedly unconscious. Except for one, who quite noticeably shuffles his legs!

70ep 2 – The "crystal" protuberances of the Timelash interior are clearly held together with adhesive tape. Not to mention all that tinsel scattered around...
[Who says the Borad is evil? Someone so full of the joys of Christmas can't be all bad...]

80ep 2 – How is it that the Doctor needs to be secured by a rope to safely enter the Timelash, but Herbert and Mykros are able to enter and clamber around inside without any problems?
[Insert your own "fat Colin" joke here.]

90ep 2 – During the attack on the sanctum, the guardolier who shoots out the wall (revealing the painting of the third Doctor) then immediately keels over for no apparent reason — no-one is seen to shoot at him, and no gunfire sound effect is heard.

100ep 2 – The metal railing in front of Herbert's hiding-place overlooking the Borad's lair wobbles several times.

110ep 2 – The small communications console in the sanctum slides all over the floor when Mykros and the Doctor use it to talk to the Bandril ambassador.

120ep 2 – When the Doctor and Peri enter the TARDIS, as the inner doors open, you can see one of the doors bounce off the console room wall and start to close again.

130ep 2 – In the padding scene with Peri and Herbert in the TARDIS (recorded sometime after the rest of this story), Colin Baker's hair is noticeably different (i.e. longer) than elsewhere in the story.

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