Revelation of the Daleks:

10ep 1 – When Takis and Lilt show a Dalek their security passes, you can see the head of the Dalek operator through its neck grille.

20ep 1 – During the same scene, the actor playing Lilt clearly has difficulty getting his pass out of his pocket. By the time he finally produces it and holds it up for the Dalek to "see", the Dalek has already turned to leave!

30ep 2 – In the very first scene of the episode — who's that bloke walking past in the background?

40ep 2 – Tasambeker stabs Jobel with the syringe without pushing in the plunger, but in the next shot of him, the plunger is fully pushed in.

50ep 2 – When the DJ fires his ultrasonic gun the first time (while showing off to Peri), he shatters the doors to his studio. Later, when the Daleks advance into the studio, the miraculously repaired doors open as they approach it.

60ep 2 – When Davros is hovering above Orcini, the base of his chair is partially transparent, and Orcini's legs can be seen through it.

70ep 2 – When Orcini pushes Davros away from him after Bostock has shot his hand off, he leans back against the control console and pushes it out of position.

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