The Trial of a Time Lord:

10ep 1,2 – On a couple of occasions we cut to the court room as the Matrix replay is suddenly interrupted, but the Inquisitor and the jurors are seen to be already facing forward (i.e. away from the Matrix screen). A good example is at the end of Episode 1, when the Valeyard stops the evidence just as the stoning starts.

20ep 2 – The wall of the prison hut wobbles as the guards force Peri inside to join Glitz and Dibber.

30ep 2 – Grell's helmet light is sensibly turned off in the shot where he's lurking in the background, eavesdropping on Merdeen and Balazar, but as he turns away and we cut to a close-up of him, the helmet light is suddenly on again.

40ep 3 – Drathro tells Humker and Tandrell that "only part of the planet was consumed by fire" when they wonder about the vegetation on the surface. Yet only a little later, he contradicts himself by saying, "All life was destroyed by the fire"!

50ep 4 – When Katryca leads her people into Drathro's domain, the main doors of the Immortal's castle can be seen in the background behind the group, closed. Yet in the next shot, they are wide open as Humker and Tandrell run out (leaving them open). Then, after Drathro kills Katryca and Broken Tooth and dismisses the survivors, the main doors are closed again in the background.

60ep 4 – As Dibber fires at the wall of the food-processing chamber, the pre-cut section that will explode away is briefly visible.

70ep 5 – The information notice on the TARDIS is absent in the location shots.

80ep 7 – Watch out for the moment when Crozier takes a drink from an obviously empty cup.

90ep 8 – A lightbulb blows as the TARDIS dematerialises.

100ep 9 – There are some very prominent boom-mike shadows visible as the Doctor and Mel are captured by the Hyperion guards.

110ep 11 – Watch the corridor wall next to Mr. Kimber's cabin wobble as Mel leans against it, when she is eavesdropping on Rudge and Janet searching the cabin. Also, when Rudge and Janet leave the cabin we hear the sound of him closing the door, but Mel immediately turns and enters the cabin without having to open the door.

120ep 11 – When Bruchner fires his gun at the Commodore, the ray effect doesn't even reach the Commodore's hand, despite the wound we see later.

130ep 11 – Why does the Commodore state that the Hyperion is hijack-proof, after it has already been hijacked by Bruchner?

140ep 12 – If the Vervoids were genetically engineered, why were they created with stings poisonous enough to kill?

150ep 12 – While the Vervoids are dying, look out for the ones wearing sneakers and tracksuit pants (complete with drawstrings).

160ep 12 – After the Doctor has destroyed the Vervoids, we see a shot of him holding a leaf in his left hand. Cut to another shot, with Mel coming up beside him, and the leaf instantly switches to his right hand.

170ep 9,12 – Somebody moves the TARDIS around between episodes — in episode 9, the bottom of the TARDIS is aligned with the yellow stripes on the floor of the Hyperion's cargo bay. In episode 12, however, the TARDIS is at an angle to these stripes.

180ep 13 – The harpoon shot at Glitz is clearly travelling down a wire towards him, and after impact its shaft bends and wobbles around hilariously, demonstrating that it's just a soft rubber prop.

190ep 14 – In the beach scenes, watch how part of the cloud background abruptly changes as the Valeyard materialises next to the Doctor.

200ep 14 – Watch the scene where the Master and Glitz leave the Doctor in the console room of the Master's TARDIS. You'll note that Glitz and the Master distinctly leave the console room and go into another part of the TARDIS. However, the next time you see Glitz and the Master (talking about the Doctor's imminent switch into a "zombie"), they are definitely standing in front of the scanner screen in the console room. Someone didn't feel like building an extra set for another room in the Master's TARDIS!

210ep 14 – The Doctor tells Mel that 'maser' stands for "microwave amplification and stimulated emission of radiation." It should actually be "by stimulated emission..."
[The physicists in the audience have assured me that this is a fairly important distinction...]

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