The Five Doctors:

10 The Doctor explains that the Eye of Orion feels like Earth after a thunderstorm because of the "high bombardment of positive ions." Nice try Doc, but it's actually negative ions which are present in large quantities after a thunderstorm.

20 After the obelisk gobbles up the third Doctor and Bessie, it moves off — but you can see Bessie remain there for about half a second before she fades away.
[This blooper isn't visible in the Special Edition, due to the re-edited special effects]

30 If the High Council has the power to offer the Master a new lifespan (in return for rescuing the Doctor), why does Borusa, President of the High Council, choose to pursue immortality in such a roundabout way?

40 The Cyberman that grabs the Brigadier's arm through the hole in the wall is clearly wearing jeans!

50 Trudging through the Death Zone with Susan, the first Doctor pauses to rest against a boulder. Unfortunately, it turns out to be of the lightweight polystyrene variety, and wobbles noticeably.

60 When the First Doctor and Susan stop to rest in the Death Zone, Susan suddenly notices the TARDIS and points it out with surprise and delight. Then we can see it's standing in an open space maybe ten metres in front of them. They should have seen it from miles away!

70 When the Master arrives in the Death Zone, he's wearing a rather fetching black cloak — which he didn't have a few moments earlier when he stepped into the transmat.

80 Watch Elisabeth Sladen as she and Jon Pertwee drive off after talking with the Master — she's turning her head from side to side and flinching away, anticipating the explosion that's about to go off in front of Bessie.

90 When the second Doctor and the Brigadier fight off the Yeti, the creature triggers a rockfall. As the "rocks" descend, you can see that they are very obviously attached to a piece of netting.

100 The second Doctor sees the Brigadier's torch-flame fluttering and deduces "where there's a wind, there's a way" — except that the flame only flutters in close-up; in the wide shots it rises straight up.

110 The Cybermen following the Master into the Dark Tower must have been blind not to see the First Doctor and Tegan as they run for cover.

120 The VHS Special Edition uses a different take of the chessboard scene in the Dark Tower where Richard Hurndall recites an incorrect value for pi.
[This was corrected in the DVD version]

130 In the first scene where he plays with the Harp of Rassilon, the Doctor manages to get two different notes from the same string!
[This blooper was fixed in the Special Edition]

140 After Borusa uses his powers to freeze the Doctor's companions, they all remain completely motionless — except the Brigadier, who turns his head to watch Borusa go.

150 When Rassilon is discussing giving Borusa immortal life, Borusa has his hand dramatically poised — and when he lowers it, it bangs into Rassilon's coffin.

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