Warriors of the Deep:

10ep 1 – In a couple of the early TARDIS scenes, the electrical cable powering the console is clearly visible, running along the floor and out through the wall of the set.

20ep 1 – Look out for Icthar's (human) eyes, which can clearly be seen blinking through his costume.

30ep 1,2 – Tegan acquires a bra between Parts 1 and 2.

40ep 2? – If you can, freeze frame and take a close look at the instructions on the two airlock doors: The one on the left says: "TO OPEN: Open other door first". The one on the right says... exactly the same thing!

50ep 2 – The fact that the airlock door that falls on Tegan is just a large piece of soft foam rubber is hideously obvious.

60ep 3,4 – The Sea Devil helmets almost never sit straight on the creatures' heads, lending them a ridiculously drunken air during the attack on the airlock or many of the scenes on the bridge.

70ep 3,4 – The Silurian costumes come apart in places, and white T-shirts can be seen through the holes!
[Many such problems were caused by the fact that this story fell more behind production schedule than any other. Apparently some takes were, as far as the actors knew, just full-dress rehearsal.]

80ep 4 – Watch the Sea Devils bringing the Doctor and Tegan into the bridge — the last one through appears to catch his foot in the door and he bends down (in full view of the camera) to try and fix it. Not very successfully, as a later shot in the scene shows him looking distinctly pigeon-toed...

90ep 4 – On the bridge, when Icthar says he will talk to the Doctor and dismisses the Sea Devils, two of the exiting Sea Devils manage to walk into each other.

100ep 4 – As Turlough is pushing Preston into the ventilation shaft, the entire wall section wobbles noticeably.

110ep 4 – About 3 minutes from the end, keep an eye on the bottom right of screen to see a disctinctly human hand keeping hold of one of the Sea Devil's guns.
[Did the Hand of Sutekh fall through a time rift to 2084?]

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