The King's Demons:

10ep 1 – French was still the language of the English royal court in the early 13th century, so why is Sir Gilles the only one who speaks it?

20ep 1 – At the jousting field, the King raises his left hand to signal to the herald. However, in the next shot, when the King drops his hand to start the joust, it's his right hand that is raised.

30ep 1,2 – The iron maiden (in reality the Master's TARDIS) is clearly lacking any inward-pointing spikes, rendering it fairly useless as an instrument of torture!

40ep 1 – Kamelion (as King John) is seen playing a lute, but he fingers it as though it were a guitar. The lute is not played like a guitar! (Compare with the real lutist, seen at the very beginning.)

50ep 1 – After King John completes his song, the court bursts into applause and other expressions of approval — and someone in the crowd can be heard getting into the spirit of things a little too enthusiastically, with "Oh, yeah!"
[No doubt followed by "Right on, man!"]

60ep 2 – When the Doctor finds Kamelion (in his android form) playing the lute, it's quite obvious that the lute is just resting in the robot's arms — neither of its hands is touching the instrument.

70ep 2 – The supposedly-dead Sir Geoffrey can be seen to blink as Ranulf and the others go rushing off (as Ranulf says "Bring the rogue!")

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