10ep 1 – Watch Mark Strickson sitting at the chessboard, waiting for his cue to sweep the pieces to the floor when the TARDIS lurches.

20ep 1-4 – As the First Mate, Marriner should have three stripes, not two.

30ep 1 – When the ship experiences turbulence, the liquid in the glasses doesn't.

40ep 1 – Early on in the story, when the sailors in Striker's ship are running up the stairs, one of them stumbles.

50ep 3 – When Turlough jumps off the railing into space, it bends beneath his weight and shakes visibly.

60ep 3 – On deck, Tegan says "I must go to [the Doctor]", then immediately contradicts herself by sitting down to have a long conversation with Marriner.

70ep 3 – In some scenes with Wrack, Mark Strickson as Turlough evidently forgot to take off his wedding ring!

80ep 3 – When one of Wrack's sailors locks Turlough in the ion chamber, he misses the last lock on the door (though we still hear the sound effect). He manages to kick it closed on his second attempt.

90ep 3 – When Tegan enters the wheelhouse on Wrack's ship, she's talking (with her eyes open) when she's frozen by Wrack. We then cut to another shot of Tegan, now with her eyes closed. But if she was frozen, how could she close her eyes?

100ep 4 – Why don't Wrack and her first mate vanish the instant they are pushed overboard the Buccaneer, like the Eternals who were forced to walk the plank earlier in the story?

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