10ep 1 – Watch where Nyssa accidentally drops her book in the corridor of the Lazar ship. Some poltergeist has moved it at least a yard by the time the Doctor finds it ten minutes later.

20ep 2 – Near the end of Part 2, there's a scene where the Doctor and Kari are walking along a sort of scaffolding towards some stairs. We see them about to descend and the camera pans down to Valgard. As he moves towards the bottom of the staircase a foot can clearly be seen up towards the top. Then, a small superimposed step is clumsily matted over the foot. It even moves with the shot!
[Obviously the special effects guys tried to cover up the foot. In fact, they made it worse by attracting attention to it, the fools!]

30ep 4 – Olvir appears completely oblivious to the sight of the gigantic Garm and the sound of Nyssa's screams at the start of episode four, even though they're only about a metre from where he's standing. He doesn't even look at the Garm as it walks away!

40ep 4 – Bor pronounces Eirak's name as "EYE-rack" instead of "AY-rack" as everyone else in the story does.

50ep 4 – Does Tegan really stop the space liner's launch just by pounding on the ship's console as if it was an old TV...?

60ep 4 – At the end of the story, the Doctor asks Valgard to take him and Nyssa to the Terminus engine room, since "there's still a lot to be done." Then in the next scene, for no apparent reason, they're back on the liner (with the Doctor still telling Valgard there's a lot to be done) and running into Tegan so that Nyssa can bid them farewell! Some mistake, surely?

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