10ep 1 – Look very closely at the forest floors, and you'll be able to see cords (which are large power lines). The best example occurs during Part 1, in the background of the shot where the TSS is herding the Doctor and Adric towards the Dome.
[Apparently JNT noticed this during production, but it was decided to just "buy" the shot in the hope that the cables would be mistaken for tree roots(!)]

20ep 1 – The draughts board used by Adric and Nyssa is placed wrongly. It has a light square in the bottom-left corner for each player, whereas it should be placed so a dark square is at the bottom-left.
[Though neither of them are from Earth so perhaps we can forgive them not knowing how to play draughts?]

30ep 1 – At the Windchimes, Tegan strikes the same chime three times with a branch and produces three different notes! Also, when the Doctor has her strike two notes, and exclaims, "A perfect fifth!" the musical notes heard actually form a perfect fourth.

40ep 4 – As the Doctor is saying "What is Karuna?" he has to pull himself up short before he falls over. Watch him glancing at the ground to get his footing!

50ep 4 – When Adric in the out-of-control TSS is firing on Aris, the flash charges leave a small fire burning in one corner of the twig-and-branch construction enclosing Aris. You can see Adrian Mills (Aris) repeatedly glance down during the remainder of the scene, clearly worried that the fire might spread!

60ep 4 – In the circle-of-mirrors scene, it's very clear to see that one of the mirrors is missing (the one in the bottom-left corner of the high-angle shots). This is, of course, because the cameras doing the ground-level shots needed a gap in order to shoot the action inside the circle.

70ep 4 – Watch out for the incredible bouncy snake! Not to mention the wires and jaw braces which can be seen on the big snake despite the deliberate smearing caused by the overlaid video effects.

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