The Visitation:

10ep 1 – In the opening scene of Elizabeth watching the fireworks in the sky, we initially see her looking out of the bottom-left corner of a window (the curtain is to her right), but when we cut to the inside of the room (as she goes off to tell the others), we see she was looking out of the bottom-right corner, with the curtain to her left.

20ep 1 – In the first TARDIS scene, the electrical cable running along the floor from the console is very obvious — the Doctor even stands on it at one point!

30ep 1? – The ship has supposedly crashed in the middle of a forest, but when the doors open, you can't see any forest!

40ep 2? – At one stage Nyssa has a line referring to "Adric and Tegan", but what Sarah Sutton actually says sounds more like "Andrid and Tegan".
[Was she thinking "android"?]

50ep 3 – When Nyssa is pushing the sonic booster into her room, you can see that her trousers have fallen down a bit too far. She hurriedly pulls them up, making a big show of it in the process.

60ep 4 – Both times that Nyssa switches the sonic booster on, the noise and shaking effects start too early, a moment before the switch is actually pressed.

70ep 4 – During one TARDIS scene with Adric and Nyssa, they mention that it's getting dark outside — and indeed, the next scene (with the horse) clearly takes place during the evening, while the sun is setting. However, in the indoor scene following that (with the Doctor, Tegan, and Mace), inexplicably there's plenty of bright sunshine visible through the window.

80ep 4 – Watch for the disappearing hat trick that Peter Davison does in this story. One moment he's holding it (as he's about to open the door to the bakery's back room), and in the next shot (from inside the room) as he actually opens the door, it's gone!

90ep 1,4 – The ornaments we see in Nyssa's and Tegan's room at the start of the story have disappeared by the time we see their room again in episode four.

100ep 4? – At one point when Adric is supposed to have a line about "the Doctor and Tegan" it comes out as "the Doctor and the Tegan".

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