Black Orchid:

10ep 1 – As the TARDIS crew arrive at the cricket match, the batsman hits the ball towards the boundary — but then the umpire signals a wide by spreading both his arms. It can't be a wide, because the batsman hit it! Furthermore, it looks like the 'wide' signal is the only one the actor playing the umpire knows — it's difficult to be 100% sure, as only one of his arms is clearly shown, but he appears to use it twice more, once when the Doctor hits a boundary and again in response to an appeal for L.B.W. as the last wicket falls. Obviously neither of those is a wide either!

20ep 1 – During the same scene, as the Doctor & co walk towards the cricket match, you can see the film crew reflected in the car door!

30ep 1 – Just before Ann is introduced, Peter Davison appears to be intently studying a piece of paper, which he hurriedly puts away in his inside coat pocket as the scene starts. A script page, perhaps? It certainly doesn't appear to be anything referred to in the story.

40ep 1 – Peter Davison and Gareth Milne (playing George Cranleigh) are of noticeably different heights, yet the same harlequin costume fits both of them perfectly!

50ep 1 – At the fancy dress party, they're all supposed to be having a jolly old time outside, yet there's obviously a Force Ten gale howling!

60ep 2 – The policemen from 1925 recognise the TARDIS, although TARDIS-style police boxes weren't introduced until 1929.
[Although police boxes were introduced in Sunderland in 1923 and Newcastle in 1925, they were of quite a different design. looking more like sentry boxes]

70ep 2 – The face of the actress doubling Sarah Sutton is in plain view a couple of times as the group on the terrace watch the confrontation with George Cranleigh on the roof.

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