Arc of Infinity:

10ep 1 – Robin and Colin enter the crypt via the stairway behind the fountain, and Colin closes the iron gate behind them. But as they walk down the stairs, the gate can be seen in the background swinging open again.

20ep 3 – Leonard Sachs as Borusa stutters most amusingly on the word "permit" while uttering the line "Only the gravest emergency would permit me to do as you want".

30ep 3-4 – Part 3 ends with the Castellan accidentally shooting Hedin, followed by the Doctor's pronouncement that "Omega controls the Matrix". After the reprise in Part 4, the scene continues on, but the Castellan, his guards, and Hedin's body have all suddenly and mysteriously vanished...

40ep 4 – Producer John Nathan-Turner can be seen passing behind the telephone box as the Doctor is consulting the phone book (he's wearing a sheepskin coat). This qualifies as a blooper because it was supposedly accidental — he was apparently shooing away tourists at the time.
[Though JN-T himself subsequently claimed that it was a deliberate Hitchcock-esque cameo (a likely story!)]

50ep 4 – When the hostel receptionist gives the Doctor the note addressed to Tegan, he reads it and then puts it down on the counter. Unfortunately the paper doesn't lay flat, but "sits up" facing the camera, revealing that it is, in fact, completely blank!

60ep 4 – The location filming in Amsterdam must have been on a tight schedule — Peter Davison while playing his Omega "doppleganger" clearly thought he'd save time by simply pulling the gardener's overalls over his Fifth Doctor outfit — watch out for his distinctive stripey trousers poking out around the ankles as he runs along the street!

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