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Myth Makers: Sarah Sutton & Peter Grimwade

No. 21 of 25 in the Myth Makers DVD re-releases series
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Starring: Sarah Sutton & Peter Grimwade
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Editions:  US US (1st VHS) | US US (2nd VHS) | UK UK (DVD)
Description:  DVD re-release of two interviews that were originally released separately: Myth Makers: Sarah Sutton and Myth Makers: Peter Grimwade.

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Edition: US US (1st VHS)
Title:  Myth Makers Vol. 6: Sarah Sutton & Peter Grimwade
Released:  January 1989
Publisher:  Pleiades Home Entertainment
Format: 1 x VHS NTSC

Note:  Sixth of 17 Myth Makers videos re-released in the US, which confusingly used a different numbering scheme to their UK counterparts — and as in this case, often combined two interviews into one release.

Cover blurb:
As Nyssa of Traken, SARAH SUTTON was described as a sort of fairy princess, a sweet looking girl who lived a tragic life. Her stepmother was killed by the Master, her father’s body stolen to keep the dying Time Lord alive and her planet destroyed. More than anyone, she had a good reason to stay with the Doctor: she truly had nowhere else to go. Arriving at the end of the Tom Baker era, she helped put the series on track with Peter Davison. An informative interview giving viewers a look at the changing of a series. Shot at the locations used for the story ‘Logopolis’.

From in front of the camera to behind it...
Writer/director PETER GRIMWADE has been with the series for a number of years. As one of the creative forces behind ‘DOCTOR WHO’ he has created hours of entertainment for fans of the series around the world. Nicholas Briggs takes us behind the scenes and gives us the views of one person responsible for what we see!

Cover image for Myth Makers Volume 6: Sarah Sutton/Peter Grimwade
Edition: US US (2nd VHS)
Title:  Myth Makers Volume 6: Sarah Sutton/Peter Grimwade
Released:  January 1991
Publisher:  DHI Home Video
Format: 1 x VHS NTSC

Cover blurb:
Sarah Sutton joined Doctor Who in 1981. As Nyssa, the beautiful daughter of Consul Tremas of Traken, she joined forces with the fourth Doctor and remained with him after his regeneration.

You’ll also meet Peter Grimwade who started out as a production assistant, and eventually became a writer and director for Doctor Who (although he never actually directed an episode he wrote).

Join Myth Makers as we travel the universe to interview the actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes people who have helped bring Doctor Who to life.

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Edition: UK UK (DVD)
Released:  May 2005
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x DVD

Note:  Region 2+4 DVD.

Cover blurb:


"‘Why did you take your skirt off?’ Because I was told to! JNT said: ‘You have a stomach ache and you take your skirt off.’ So that’s what I did!"

This MYTH MAKERS combines two interviews with SARAH SUTTON; one filmed at Harrison’s Rocks, the main location for CATSROVALVA; the second recorded in a London studio eight years later and featuring some familiar monsters.

SARAH chats to NICHOLAS BRIGGS about working with TOM BAKER, PETER DAVISON, JANET FIELDING and MATTHEW WATERHOUSE. There are also many behind-the-scenes stories about working on DOCTOR WHO.

PETER GRIMWADE — Writer/Director

“If you had twice as much money you’d still want twice as much again."

PETER GRIMWADE started his career at the BBC as a production assistant and worked on three JON PERTWEE DOCTOR WHO stories. He went on to direct DOCTOR WHO in the early 1980s — with LOGOPOLIS and EARTHSHOCK winning major fan awards. He then moved on to writing with MAWDRYN UNDEAD and PLANET OF FIRE which he successfully novelised for Virgin Publishing.

PETER died in 1990, cutting short a promising career. This MYTH MAKERS release is dedicated to him.


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