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The Essential Companion

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Starring: Alex Price
By:Steve Tribe
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Released:  November 2010
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 2 x CD
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Note:  This unusual release consists of over 2 hours of audio excerpts from Series 5 episodes, interspersed by narration and commentary from Alex Price (who was also the narrator for the 2010 series of Doctor Who Confidential).

Cover blurb:
Meet the Eleventh Doctor and travel with him on his journey of adventure in this collection of exciting highlights, presented by Alex Price (Doctor Who Confidential)

If you enjoyed the Eleventh Doctor’s first series of TV adventures, you’ll love this opportunity to hear again the most exciting, scary, funny and moving moments. What is the new Doctor really like? What’s in store for Amy and Rory when they join him on his travels?

Confront the Smilers, the Daleks, the Weeping Angels, the Dream Lord and all the other terrifying aliens they face! Meet Winston Churchill and River Song amongst the many brave friends who help along the way. Travel to Starship UK, Alfava Metraxis, Venice, Provence and Stonehenge — all in the company of your favourite Time Lord and his friends.

Doctor Who: The Essential Companion has everything you need to know about the Doctor’s travels before he — and you — set off in the TARDIS once again.

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