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Short Trips - A Selection of Short Stories

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Starring: Nicholas Courtney & Sophie Aldred
By:Steve Lyons, Jonathan Blum, Tara Samms & David A. McIntee
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Released:  March 1998
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 2 x cassette
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Note:  Audio reading of 6 short stories, 5 of which were originally published in Short Trips. The sixth (Degrees of Truth) was previously unpublished. This audio was later re-released in MP3-CD format as part of the compilation Tales from the TARDIS: Volume 1. Two of the stories (Freedom and Old Flames) also received a standalone CD release in 2009 on Tales from the TARDIS.

Cover blurb:
Join the Doctor and his friends in a selection of exciting short stories through time and space!

Freedom by Steve Lyons — The Third Doctor faces the Master and a conflict of interests in a mysterious prison...

Model Train Set by Jonathan Blum — The Eighth Doctor comes up against some very old problems...

Glass by Tara Samms — An ordinary woman is plagued by a sinister apparition...

Degrees of Truth by David A. McIntee — The Brigadier faces a deadly confrontation in a story exclusive to this cassette...

Stop The Pigeon by Robert Perry and Mike Tucker — The Seventh Doctor is embroiled in a bizarre battle to save Earth...

Old Flames by Paul Magrs — The Fourth Doctor meets a mischievous acquaintance from his past...

Based on DOCTOR WHO: SHORT TRIPS — A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES published by BBC Worldwide (abridged)

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