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Starring: Peter Davison
By:Terrance Dicks
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Review:  easier to listen to than to watch  Read more (1 in total)
Released:  August 1997
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 1 x cassette
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Note:  Abridged audio reading of the 1983 novelisation by Terrance Dicks. Single cassette but packaged in a double cassette box. Subsequently “re-released” in February 2001 to clear out old stocks. Re-released again in MP3-CD format as part of the compilation Tales from the TARDIS: Volume 1.

Cover blurb:
The Doctor and his friends materialize in the jungle paradise of the planet Deva Loka — but soon discover things are far from what they seem.

Members of an Earth Survey team are disappearing one by one. Those that are left suspect the Kinda, a peaceful native tribe. But the Doctor suspects a far more deadly influence is at work...

Tegan, the Doctor’s companion, is taken over by a sinister force known as the Mara that seeks to plunge Deva Loka into destruction and chaos — a particularly nasty snake in this garden of Eden...

Peter Davison — the fifth Doctor — reads this abridged version of the novel by Terrance Dicks.

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