Attack of the Cybermen

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Starring: Colin Baker
By:Eric Saward
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Released:  September 1995
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 1 x cassette
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Note:  Later re-released in MP3-CD format as part of the compilation Tales from the TARDIS: Volume 1.

Cover blurb:
Colin Baker reads Attack of the Cybermen, novelized by Eric Saward.

On twentieth-century Earth, the Doctor’s old enemy, Lytton, appears to have allied himself with the ruthless Cybermen who have devised a scheme to bring the human race to its knees.

When the Cyberplanet Mondas was destroyed in 1986, the Cybermen were forced to retreat to the planet Telos. Now they have journeyed back in time to prevent the destruction of their home world, and for Mondas to survive, the Earth must die...

Abridged. Running time approx 90 minutes.

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