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Music from the Seventh Doctor Audio Adventures

No. 8 of 8 in the Big Finish music series
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By:Andy Hardwick, Jim Mortimore & Russell Stone
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Released:  April 2003
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Contains music from Dust Breeding, The Rapture and Bang-Bang-a-Boom!

Cover blurb:
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Track listing:
Tracks 2-7 by Russell Stone, Tracks 9-17 by Jim Mortimore, Track 18 by Jim Mortimore with Jane Elphinstone and Tracks 20-28 by Andy Hardwick.

    Dust Breeding
  1. Trailer
  2. The Sadness that We See in Him
  3. Damien Unhinged and Mr Seta Unmasked
  4. Like a Tiger, It Toyed With Me
  5. The Dust Belongs to Me! / No Oil Painting
  6. Always Knew I’d Die on Duchamp
  7. The Future Has Already Happened

    The Rapture

  8. Trailer
  9. Maggie’s Muse
  10. Triangle Chill
  11. Freestyle
  12. Brook of Eden
  13. Rebirth
  14. Sorted
  15. Judes Law
  16. Pink Pulloff
  17. Crystal Devildance
  18. Gloves Off


  19. Trailer
  20. Welcome to Dark Space 8
  21. The Trouble With Dark Space 8
  22. I’m Just Not Like the Other Boys! (The Pits of Angvia)
  23. Dead Drunk (The Death of a Scientist)
  24. This is the Denouement (Oh No, Sorry, It Isn’t)
  25. That Peace Conference
  26. When Gholos Attacks
  27. That Space Station
  28. Galactivision

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