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Sweet and clear

By:Phil Ince, Highbury, London
Date:Saturday 27 December 2003
Rating:   9

I found this (short) book delightful. Told in the 1st person by Fyne, an English official from 1920s India, who travels with a very simply-written but both convincing and endearingly-characterised 8th Doctor. McAuley occassionally writes an over-stretched sentence but in the main the prose is lovely. A very straightforwardly told tale with smidgeons of 'hard' science which both supplements and underpins the story. A sweet little gem that you can read in an evening and wish was twice as long. Might be almost double the price and a third the length of a BBC novel but affords quite as much pleasure as any of the BBCs very best efforts. Highly recommended.

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