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Nothing Explained

By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Monday 7 August 2006
Rating:   3

I am sure that lots of people love Katy Manning and Iris Wildthyme. Manning is very good at bringing this character to life and proves why she is a top-notch vocal actor. However, there are so many holes in the story one could hardly say it had a plot. First, there is Iris, and no matter how good Manning is in the role, after 10 minutes I had to agree with all the other characters that the best thing to do was put her out of our misery. Then, there is Anthony Head's Grayvorn. This ponderous oaf is equally as annoying as Iris. We get Sister Jolene. Who is she? What is she? What does she want? Never explained. There is the Zombie King doing his best Gollum imitation and topping even Iris for annoying. And what a bunch of worthless zombies he rules. They fall for the "toss it over here now run" trick? Oh, I am scared, I am. Then there is the Relic itself. Just what does it do? What exactly is it? Why does it turn men into zombies? Nothing is explained, ever, not even in the follow-up Excelis dramas. This story is a serious mess that no amount of re-writing could possibly fix.


By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 20 December 2009
Rating:   10

What i like a lot about Paul's writing is he is never predictable. his stories always have a strong and fresh idea in them. And good choice of actress to bring his wonderful creation Iris Wildthyme to life. It mostly is Katy who drives and makes this story the oddity it truly is. This has a different approach, far more of a character study than anything else. Not all that much happens in the overall plot, but it can certainly be forgiven for a great display by Katy, who works well with Peter
Davison too. This is yet another memorable Paul Magrs script that once more feels just like a stage play...

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