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A book you will never forget.

By:Joe Ford, Eastbourne
Date:Tuesday 6 September 2005
Rating:   10

Gareth Roberts is back and wittier than ever! He alwasy was a confident writer but here his work shines with total exhuberence! He nails the three regulars perfectly and makes some fantastic observations on todays society, he manages to include romance, scares, brilliant ideas and some surprisingly risque moments ALL within the spanking new NDA formula. Fantastic!

Full marks!

By:David Yates, Reading, Berkshire
Date:Saturday 8 October 2005
Rating:   10

Within only a dozen pages Gareth Roberts brilliantly captures the sprit of the new series. The characters are fully formed and leap from the pages almost as if you're watching the telly. His wit and lightness of touch are pitched just right. Though I expected nothing less from the author of the best 4th Doctor books I have ever read (Gareth, please write another one? Pretty please…)

There is much to recommend in this enjoyable runaround. Not least the excellent climax where the Doctor manages to keep his head when all about him are losing theirs in the confusion.

- and I could've read a whole book just of Das and Jack's diary entries!

The best of the 9th Doctor's books so far. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Full marks!

Best read I've had in years!

By:Mike McGovern, Edmonton, Alberta
Date:Sunday 5 February 2006
Rating:   10

A wonderful page turner! They should all be like this!

Gareth Roberts gets better and better with every book. A splendid round of adventure with the Docter and his friends. It's like reading the old Target series with style.

Roberts has established himself as the new Terrence Dicks of the Doctor Who range. His prose has improved to the point where it is difficult to improve anymore. The Neanderthal situation is handled with dignity and tact, and Das's coping with the modern concept of lying (and the modern world) is charming in an old-fashioned way that has been missing from science fiction for many a year. I love watching primitive people portrayed with intelligence, with believable limitations and personality, and I love watching them cope with the modern environment.

Gareth's enthusiasm for the new Ninth-Doctor series is evident from the get-go. The characters sparkle with life and wit, especially the Doctor himself. After reading this book, I was left charged with energy, feeling that I could do anything.

Wonderous, stunning, and joyful all round. Shows real promise!

A nice treat to read

By:Manny, Los Angeles, California, America
Date:Sunday 23 April 2006
Rating:   7

A good book that doesn’t rate as well as the other Doctor Who books but it does give a nice adventure to curl up to. Though what was lacking in this book is what I found in the other books, a sense of description.

This is a fast paced book and in it’s right a sense of description is perhaps the last thing you need, though it felt like it was needed here. But that should not let you down, this book has some great moments. Safe to say that Das and Caption Jack steal a great deal of them.

You'll fine tons of moments that will make you laugh out loud.


By:Hatman, the Chemistry lab
Date:Saturday 17 June 2006
Rating:   7

ok... ish.

Wasnt bad,

By:Matt, Dublin
Date:Wednesday 26 July 2006
Rating:   6

A fairly good storyline until the end, Das's diary is funny and clever and saves the book in the end.

A Proper Book

By:The Next Docotr, Sunderland
Date:Thursday 25 January 2007
Rating:   10

A proper doctor who book. Thats what should be released more often

Hy Bractor: Monster of Brilliance

By:*********************P, <>< FISH
Date:Sunday 30 December 2007
Rating:   9

BRILLIANT! Or as the Doctor would say: Fantastic. It's so good this book and the Hy Bractors were absolutely amazing. SPOILER WARNING: When Rose gets married to the caveman i laughed so much! <><><><><>
<><><><><><><><><><><<><><><><> ~<>

Ok read.

By:Aaron, Canada
Date:Saturday 26 January 2008
Rating:   5

I found this book far from the roll around on the floor laughing page turner that people assured me it was. I found it amusing but far from funny. The start was amusing. There was some nice banter between Jack, Rose and the Doctor.

The book suffers again from what to do with Jack. It seems to be a common problem. The authors solution was to have Jack keep notes, these notes while amusing have nothing to do with the story really. Both Jack and Das become pointless to the story after the Doctor heads to the past. It disjoints the flow with these pointless additions.

Many of the characters are two dimensional and the major villain was extremely weak. She lacked charisma and menace. There were no surprises, she was obviously the villain right from the start. Her Frankenstein creations were nothing new.

While it was an ok read with some witty banter here and there it really did fall way short of the mark. Garth Roberts is a talented writer and he can do much better than this.

great book

By:grant williams, why should i tell you
Date:Tuesday 11 March 2008
Rating:   8

grate book i liked it. if i were you i would read it .

A little good and a little not so good

By:Tim, Australia
Date:Sunday 24 January 2010
Rating:   7

There were many things to like about this book but all the while tempered with numerous things that really didn't impress or not like at all.

The characterisation of the 9th Doctor was very Doctor like... but not outstandingly 9th-ish (if such a term is appropriate). Many parts of the story the Doctor could've been 10 and I'd never notice the difference, not much of his casual rudeness or his angry dispair in there.

Rose on the other hand was characterised well and even Capt Jack was done well. The real saving grace, as others have pointed out, is Das the Neanderthal adjusting to the 21st century, his dairy entries and Jack's own.

The ending was pretty badly hashed though, in my opinion, and the BigBad's minions could've been a bit more interesting.

Loved it

By:Clayton, Encinitas, CA, USA
Date:Friday 26 February 2010
Rating:   10

I've read a good chunk of Doctor Who books now and this is the funniest one so far, the other DW books seemed to focus on action and drama, with tid bits of humor, this book does a good balance of them all.

Difficult to imagine

By:Tommy, England
Date:Tuesday 1 June 2010
Rating:   6

I was a bit dissapointed that Cap'n Jack was hardly in it atall, he's only real appearence is in that diary thing of his experiences with Das. I also found it really hard to picture where they were, past, planet or future. It was also impossible to understand the monsters and picture them, and what is it with that grey door? But I liked it when Rose got married just so she could save the neanderthals, kinda funny. But it was also good in that it suprised us. Untill halfway, we didn't know chantal was a bad girl. An ok read, very complicated though and hard to follow. Ultimatlly, not TV worthy.

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